GOD is not a girl

Drink anything.

And then just go to sleep… oh, sorry. I was just wondering, C3 – how does God’s email address show that “she”'s a female? I looked at it and couldn’t see anything that would suggest that.

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"And I'll ask for the third time now: Since gender only exists for sexual reproduction, why would a being that clearly does not sexually reproduce have a gender? What does it do with Its penis?"

Screw people over in a really big way? Sorry, I couldn't resist. As for the gender implied by the Bible: ignoring the fact that basing ones beliefs about God on the Bible is a classic example of circular reasoning, there's still the matter of the Bible not being written in English. Since gender is handled in completely different ways in different languages, why does anyone think that they understand what the Bible meant by gender specific terms? And finally, as a feminist Bible pointed out, if the fact that humans were created last implies that they were superior, doesn't the fact that Eve was created last imply that she was superior? If you're going to read one into the Bible, you should read the other.

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No, God is a man. I’m convinced because if God was a woman, MEN would be taking Midol, waxing their bodies, and wearing highheels. :wink:

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

Sorry MaryAnnQ, you’re wrong. If god were a man, who do you think would have gotten the multiple orgasms?

Huh? From TennHippie’s other posts, I’d assumed TennHippie was male. Like when he once said, “We southern gentlemen” in my “Guess what, ladies, we’re ruining this country” thread. How could I have made that mistake? Oh wait, I know, you’re an idiot.

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Thank you! My thoughts exactly!

“Let US create man in OUR own image.”

He had help. Surely one of the partners in Heavenly Human Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc. is a woman.

My oh my. I certainly wasn’t stingy when handing out egos. Why must you all continue to insist that I have human qualities?

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This topic belongs in Great Debates.

– A lesser (but bigger pain in the ass) god

There was a thread on the gender of God (the Deity) in either General Questions or Great Debates. In the original Hebrew text of the Bible, all nouns are either masculine or feminine (as in Latin, French, Spanish, etc.) Most of the words referring to God (God, Lord, Almighty, etc) are indeed masculine, and the masculine pronoun is used. However, the Divine Presence – God’s imminent presence on earth – is Shekhinah,which is feminine.

But this thread isn’t about God the Deity, it is about GOD the member/poster. (That’s why it started in BBQ Pit, Nick.)

Unless… wait… Con#3, are you suggesting that GOD-the-poster is NOT really God-the-Deity, but just using “GOD” as a screen name? Why, that’s – that’s – that’s — deceitful! even lying! Surely none of our posters would do that!

And, it’s a frightening concept, that someone might use a screen name different from their true identity? That could mean that Satan-the-poster isn’t the real Satan? Or that sunbear isn’t really an ursine? or that wossname isn’t really a contestant? Where would it all end? Could someone even pretend to be Cary Grant, and not… no, impossible. That would be going too far.

Then that best-selling book you are reading isn’t the bible. In one story, God(Yahweh:hebrew-singular, masculine) creates man first. In another story God(elohim:hebrew-plural, neuter) simply creates man and woman at the same time. Seems to me you’ve got two different stories to choose from here. I like the one where he creates man and woman at the same time. Genesis is quite obviously two completely different naratives on the same subject.

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Just wanted to assure you that I really am Sassy…

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Gosh, and I really am Larry, and I really am a man. And at least my profile doesn’t contain a web page link that leads nowhere (hint hint)

CKDext: Satan is NOT Satan? Boy is my heavenly face red! I sent some lightning bolts his way; I hope I didn’t hurt the poor guy.

Jess: This was all worth while just to hear the phrase “celestial weinie-check.”

Bless you all. Even you, #3.

Thanks GOD, but I didn’t sneeze…

Nice move changing your e-mail address like that…used to be edselgirl…

I guess GOD works in mysterious ways…

Contestant #3

ok, reality check folks…god is a male, menstrual cramp, childbirth, etc…
and the multiple orgasms was a good arguement…
here is another one:
what if we women dont really have multiples, we just SAY that to fuck with your heads!
tee hee.
actually I am an agnostic, so I dont really know if I saw gods posts or not.

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or “I don’t care.”

Okay, ivick. If I see you lying in the street, bleeding profusely, I will walk by and say “I don’t care.” If you ask me to call 911, I will say “I guess you didn’t hear me. I don’t care!”

Sure, it’s within my “rights.”
But is it RIGHT???