Is Google Earth messed up?

Just opened Google Earth and it’s really screwy when I click on a picture. The caption might say “Chicago Skyscraper”, but when I open it, it turns out to be a rural scene in Russia. Any idea of what might be causing this?

I just noticed exactly the same thing an hour ago. Selecting panoramio (whatever it’s called) photos throughout Washington State, getting Singapore skylines.

It’s happening to me as well. Getting pictures of Camels, in the middle of Vancouver.

The cigarettes, or the animals?

I’m seeing Russian farmhouses and country side.

Now to see what’s roaming around L.A.

This is fun!

Here it’s France. Again, mostly rural scenes, quite peaceful and pretty in fact, and also the occasional small city.

Oddly enough I once saw the name “Alsace” on the map, not far from Playa Del Rey, and thought there must be a similar issue going on. Surprisingly, it turned out that there actually is an Alsace in L.A., specifically a name given to a housing development section in that part of town.

Oh wait, now the Santa Monica Pier is in Uganda.

Is Apple doing this?

Seems OK to me (just installed Linux version to check).

Last night before there were any responses I called my daughter and had her click on the same pictures I clicked on to see what would happen. Once in a while we came up with different pictures, but mostly they were the same wrong location. Just glad to know it wasn’t just my computer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, given Google’s offbeat sense of humor, they did it deliberately for one day as a way of protesting the Apple verdict.

How would messing with Google Earth protest the verdict?
And, for that matter, why would Google care that Samsung lost to Apple?


My Samsung phone came preloaded with a bunch of Google apps. My wifes I-Phone doesn’t have any.

The maps app on the iPhone is by Google. Of course, that’s destined to change.
But, once again, so what?
Apple didn’t sue Google because of Android - they sued Samsung since they (clearly) went out of their way to duplicate the iPhone.

Apparently the Berlin Airlift Memorial is in Algeria!

If you click the “Fly to this photo’s location” by the picture, it does seem to take you to the right place (or, at least, a much more plausible one).

It is a known problem and Google Earth is working on it!category-topic/earth/rrHS1v7YVdI