Is GTA Vice City ever coming to the PC?

Web searches come up with nothing, yes or no.

May 13th.

Cool, thanks! Where did you hear that?

Right here.

Thanks again.

WooHoo! I was actually contemplating buying a PS2 just to play this game. I knew if I held out long enough it would come to PC. Now just waiting for some more DOOM III info.

Wow, that’s quick. I was expecting it’d be at least a year’s wait, as it was with GTA:3.

W00t, this is good. I love the GTA games, I almost purchased a PS2 to play this on, but I got GTA3 forr my computer, so much better than the PS2 version. Better graphics, and aiming the guns is so much easier with the mouse. I hope they do as good of job porting the title as they did for GTA3

well they originally weren’t gonna release it at all for PC, but there was an online petition with tens of thousands of signatures, which was kinda hard to ignore from the companies standpoint.

Coincidentally enough, I just got myself to the last storyline mission today. I’ll probably finish it tonight.

Point? I don’t need no stinkin’ point!

Now that you mention it, that does sound familiar… Thanks.

Haha as a consumer who purchased GTA:VC on the very first day it came out for the PS2, I cannot fathom how you PC guys can manage to wait THIS long (and still are waiting) for the game to release on PC.

But seriously though, I played GTA 3 on the pc and although it looks nicer, it just doesn’t compare to the PS2 controller for ease of control. The PC is perfect for your usual FPS games like Doom and whatnot, but GTA3? … with a mouse?! 101 keys on the keyboard…? er… cough coughnofuckenwaycough cough

Are you kidding? When I first played GTAIII on my brother’s PS2 I couldn’t get the controls for nuthin’. The control scheme just didn’t feel natural. It was very awkward.

The controls lend better to a mouse/keyboard combination than to a console controller. It just feels like an extension of my hands. I don’t even need to look at the keyboard while playing the game. The layout is very intuitive, even when left on the default scheme.

Driving is easier on the PS2, but shooting stuff is incredibly awkward compared to the PC.