Is having little kids sings songs with 4 letter words amusing or horrifying?

The little girl is bright and vivacious and cute as a button as she belts out “Super Bass”.

Four Year Old Girls Cover NICKI MINAJ “Super Bass”

Some of the lyrics

The whole video is patently sick but I also find adults listening to that crap sick too so I may be a bit too extreme in my view.

I hope I dont have to share physical proximity with kids raised so responsibly or their family.

Besides the whole “white girls shouldn’t try to rap” aspect, this doesn’t seem like much of a big deal. Not like they’re about to run out and start slinging rocks.

Just curious, what does this mean?

Four year old black girl would be “more authentic” to an image portrayed? Is that the reason?

I’m not a fan of children doing anything perceived as adult behavior. This falls in the same category as the Toddlers in Tiaras to me. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with innocence in our youth. They’ll have their entire adult life to find their motherfuckin trip to make it drip. :rolleyes:

Consider the perception of the word “cunt” in England vs America; the weight and importance of curse words vary by culture. I would be amused and pleased at her ability to entertain herself. This appears to be a bright kid, seems like explaining “you must not sing these words outside of this house” would be a simple task, comparable to how one deals with a child repeating an overheard curse word.

Regardless of one’s feelings about rap, the girl is mimicking art; not hurling angry expletives at another person.

No biggie, is what I’m saying.

They’re universally bad at rapping. Maybe it’s 'cause they can’t flow into the bass. I don’t really know why it is. And, of course, no one wants to hear a song about white girl problems.

White girl rapping an awesome cover of Super Bass, with somewhat cleaned-up lyrics. Oh, and a couple guys from The Roots backing her up. She is full of awesome.

I’m familiar with Karmin. She’s squeaky. It’s brutal.

That’s the way I’d feel about small children spontaneously singing dirty song lyrics they don’t understand to entertain themselves. Nothing horrifying about a kid picking up a naughty word or dirty jingle here or there, and the best thing to do about it is not to be shocked but to teach the necessary lessons about appropriate times and places.

However, this video ain’t that. AFAICT, this is about small children being encouraged by adults to imitate adult-themed pop music videos on camera, complete with obscenities, sexually explicit lyrics and attempted ass-wiggling, and I think that’s in extremely bad taste.

As Ruby noted, it’s like the “Toddlers in Tiaras” crap in that little kids are being encouraged to ape inappropriately adult behaviors by adults, for adults’ amusement. There’s nothing wrong with toddlers wanting to dress up, but they shouldn’t have adults encouraging them to make up like Victoria’s Secret models and learn the runway strut in high heels.

Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with preschoolers liking to belt out a catchy song with funny words like “motherfucker” when they don’t know what it means. The problem is with adults egging them on to imitate sexually provocative showbiz mannerisms and filming the performance for the sniggering enjoyment of other adults.

Allowing the girl to use expletives in the song may be a debateable parenting choice (the parent could have located a radio edit), but this does not compare to Toddlers and Tiaras. No spray tans, no facial waxing, and at no time do we see an over-bearing stage mother directing this behavior.

To me, these girls are dressed like little girls, not tarts; not hookers. No make-up, and nothing revealing about these ballerina dress-up costumes. And if you use the keywords “dancing toddler/ toddler dance” or any combo of those words on YouTube: toddlers tend to innocently wiggle their butts when they emulate adults dancing.

Or maybe this appears harmless to me because I chose to be in dance class at the age of four, sporting skin-tight leotards and tights with a long line of other little girls. We emulated adults performing ballet, tap, and modern dance to the best of our ability, and there was nothing sexualized about those performances, either.

I remember seeing a little boy when I was a teen, singing a romantic love song in Hindi. It was funny, and cute, but a little weird, too, because he totally didn’t know the deeper meanings of the words. I am not a big fan of it.

Things like this make me sad, because they mean one of two things:
(1) The world is going to hell in a handbasket, or
(2) I’m becoming an out-of-touch, old-fashioned prude for thinking things like this mean that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Update from someone who qualifies for #2

Looks like thing #1 is now even more likely. Especially considering that Ellen flew girls and the family to her show for this girl to meet Nicki Minaj so now the two worlds fused so there’s no going back. The only major life-important question is choosing stripper name.

Plus, little girl dad had a meltdown so it’s all real good material for some weird characters from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Only this is real.