KidsBop- anyone heard the actual recordings?

I’ve wondered this since I heard that KidsBop was doing “1985”. Do they change the lyrics to make them kid-appropriate? Or is some off-key urchin singing about how she was “gonna shake her ass on the hood of Whitesnake’s car”? There are other songs with unchildlike lyrics that I just can’t imagine.


What about “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”? Even not considering the one “fucked,” its meaning is kinda bleak…

Yeah, and anything by Nickelback, but especially Photograph, is just not wholesome, which I take it is their aim with the recordings.

The one that got me was their remake of Talk Talk’s (and No Doubt’s) It’s My Life.

Creepy to hear a bunch of kids singing that.

Yes they change the words as is expected. My kid has all of these things. Pop is Pop is Pop is Pop so they don’t spin me up. The thing that really urks me about these (and I’ve spent many hours listening to them in my truck with my daughter rocking out in the back seat because she doesn’t dig metal yet) is that they are touted as “Kids sing shitty pop songs!” when the kids hardley sing at all. It’s some random adults blandly singing while the kids may chime in on the chorus or something. They do go out of their way to make sure you can hear exactly what the words are so kids can sing along though, which is the point I guess.

I’d still rather listen to this shit than Wheels on the Bus or MHALL.

I’ve wondered about this since I caught a snippet of Shakira’s “Whenever Wherever” on one of the commercials. The thought of a pre-pubescent girl singing that she is “happy that my breasts are small and humble” kind of squicked me out.

Yes - we bought one several years ago and found it both creepy due to the nature of the songs that they chose, and falsely advertised as children singing. It’s really more a vehicle for some low-talent musician to rip off a bunch of pop songs and make big money doing so.