Is he or isn't he? Saddam's news conference

If you’ve seen some of the footage from Saddam’s news conference after we started bombing, you know there’s some debate whether it’s really him and/or whether it was a post-dated recording.

I think Saddam is dead or badly wounded and the person in the video isn’t him. When I first saw the stills, I thought, “That doesn’t look like him.” The glasses, the grayer mustache and the general attitude didn’t strike me as his. Saddam is looks like a droopy dog, but this guy’s face was younger looking. The arrogance was missing.

What do you think?

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My first reaction was that it didn’t look too much like him, but I chaulked that up to the position he is in. Then again, with our intelligence gathering and the fact that we actually acted and sent in the missles indicates to me at least that we had a pretty good idea where he was. Maybe we did pop him. That would be great.

I thought his speech was weak and the delivery was “un-Saddam”-ish. Hope we did get he and that was a double.

The problem with that is, why on earth would “they” (the Iraqis left in charge) want anyone to believe he was still alive if in fact he was dead? It seems they have nothing to gain and everything to lose. You would think that the second he drops dead, they will let us know and to put the lead rain on hold. Just a thought…

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Conspiracy theory time, but if Saddam gets killed - with all the talk of how powerful and important his sons are, and all the doubles in place, do you think the sons would just give up if they could manage to fake people into thinking he was alive? Keep the fakery going for a while, maybe eventually concoct a story that their dad dies of natural causes/some heroic effort to save some poor woman being assaulted by vicious Americans, and one of them takes over.

Good point. I was kinda assuming that the boys would either have been whacked with pops or were long gone by that time. You are of course right on with the need to concoct a “hero’s end” for the dirtbag.

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I think he’s badly injured or dead but, the video is him.

My theory is that he filmed several videos, each mentioning a different date, in the event of his demise.