Is How I Met Your Mother funny?

I was going to do a search on this, but I realized the words, “how”, “I”, and “met” would be ignored by the search engine, and “your mother” probably would’ve led me to the Pit.

I caught a few minutes of this show in a pizza take-out place waiting for my food and I found it to be very funny, especially Neil Patrick Harris.

Is the show good, or did I just catch a rare good moment?

It’s a great show, and Neil Patrick Harris is awesome in it.

I find it to be extremely hilarious. If you’re a 25-35 year old, it will really resonate with you. The entire arc is about a group of people who are well into adulthood but are very slowly learning what the hell it actually means to be an adult.
There are lots of callbacks and the whole show is just one big shaggy dog of a storyline so just sit back and enjoy the ride from the beginning.

I’ve been unfortunate enough to never see an entire episode, but the clips I have seen are all hysterically funny. Neil Patrick Harris is a god.

I like it. Of course, I only started watching it about half a season ago, so the premise hasn’t worn thin for me yet. NPH is definitely the best thing about the show, but I like that it does rotate “leads” and everyone gets to shine at some point.

It’s one of the few sitcoms (Mike and Molly being another) that actually gets a few out-loud laughs from me every episode, instead of internal smiles.

I love Jason Segel and NPH, and I wanted to like it, but I just never found it funny at all. To me, it feels like it was made 15 years ago. It’s not horrible, but the set-ups just feel so clichéd when there are so many amazing comedies on right now (30 Rock, The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, Curb Your Enthusiasm). But a lot of people seem to like it!

I do often find myself laughing out loud. But the show is great for it’s non funny bits too. Definitely worth catching up. In my area at least, it’s in syndication on at least two channels so it should be pretty easy to DVR if you don’t want to get the DVDs.

There is something to be said for taking a generic, even cliched setup like a traditional 90s sitcom and just executing it well.

Have you used a search engine in the past few years?

Swords, the OP was talking about the SDMB’s search engine. Of course, you CAN use google to search the SDMB. “how i met your mother”

Sometimes it is very funny. Most times I enjoy it.

I think that HIMYM is brilliantly written and acted … definitely worth watching. It does comedy really well, but it has tender and sad moments thrown in and they don’t feel forced or cheesy. I think Jason Segel & Alyson Hannigan are near the top of the list of best TV couples.

Give it a try … I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Nailed it. It’s a very “traditional” sitcom, and it doesn’t really try to be more, but it’s made very well.

My husband and I love it. Between NPH and Jason Segal, and Allison Hannigan, you can’t get much better. I don’t even know the main guy’s actual name, because those three make the show.

Josh Radnor. I think he’s pretty underappreciated - it can be tough to play the straight man, and he does so quite well. He anchors the wackiness around him in a way that (IMO anyway) puts HIMYM well above other twenty-something sitcoms like “Friends.”

Josh Radnor is horrible, as is his character, but the rest of the cast is superb. Especially the females.

Obligatory Robin Sparkles link.

I love it. Like any long running show, it has some clunkers but even then there are a some laughs and yes, NPH is great. I laugh like a loon literally every time he winks to the camera. Every time.

I don’t get why some are saying it is a cliched, traditional sitcom. Sure it is filmed “Three Camera” style but other than that it is unlike nearly any sitcom out there. It plays fast and loose with time. It cares more about continuity more than nearly any other show I have ever seen (although they have gotten a bit sloppy as the seasons have gone on) and it plays games with the unreliable narrator unlike any other show. It is very fresh, not cliched. And very funny with a good cast.

Especially when you’re as effeminate as Josh Radnor. Reminds me of Simon from Firefly.

Birdman and I think it’s super great. I lust after Jason Segel, he lusts after Alyson Hannigan, we find NPH and Cobie Smulders to be awesome, and don’t see why everyone hates on Josh Radnor so bad. In fact, we have a little synchronized head-bob dance we do to the theme song, and have nicknamed the show “Ba ba ba”. So, take my recommendation with the grain of salt afforded to crazy people.