Is HP sauce Heinz 57 with a different brand name?

We just moved from Boston where it was easy to get imported groceries and my husband is Irish. We had to have a few things on hand:

  1. HP Sauce
  2. Biston gravy mix for the ‘spuds’
  3. Irish bacon for Sunday breakfast
  4. Irish sausage for Sunday breakfast
  5. Spuds

Now we’re in Iowa and I’m trying to find suitable substitutions in a location where 1/3 of the population doesn’t have a brogue.

Does anyone know if the HP sauce my husband puts on his ‘chips’ is the same thing as Heinz 57? If I hide the bottle and throw some on his plate will he know the difference?

They’re similar, but they taste different to me.

Completely different flavors to me. Just order the HP on-line and not risk it.

Completely different flavours - HP is a lot more peppery. The colours are different too, so you probably won’t fool him.

Good idea and thanks for the link!

Yeah, don’t piss off an Irishman by messing with his HP sauce. If it’s not the same, I’d rather just get him what he likes. I hadn’t had Heinz in so long that I thought they were more similar.

Hope they sell McVittie’s too!

Yes! They have McVitie’s (which I spelled incorrectly the first time) plus Jacob’s, Bisto, “proper tea” and everything! This is great!

Hmmm…I still have my doubts about English cooking:

And that gives me even more doubts. It just seems…weird.

I wonder if I can find McCoy’s crisps anywhere. Every time my brother-in-law comes to visit he brings an entire suitcase full. Then I gain 5 pounds on potato chips and curse his name for the two months it takes me to lose it.

Maybe I should skip that web search.

…MayPerhaps, if you were to combine A1 steak sauce and Heinz 57?

My father moved us from England to America when I was a child. If Heinz 75 and HP sauce were the same thing or even similar, we wouldn’t have had to go to Canada to buy the stuff at times.

I think the website silenus gave you is the one Mum orders from at times. She likes it well enough. I’m afraid I can’t help out with the McCoy’s crisps, though.