Is it December yet? (weak, bipartisan)

Am I the only one here who absolutely can’t wait for the election to have come and gone? I want it to be over with, not just the election itself, but all the bitching and moaning that will surely follow it. I’m sure that some militant whiners will continue up until the next election 4 years from now, but I anticipate the worst of it to be over in a month or so (hopefully).

I’m all for informed discussion, and debate if done tastefully, but enough is enough! How many threads about the same damn thing can there be?

There’s nothing quite like two people who’s votes are set in stone trading barbs. Maybe they just like to argue. Maybe Mommy didn’t love them. :wink:

Perhaps I’m being naive, and dozens of people are being converted daily to the other side as a direct result of the threads here. I’ve yet to see much evidence of that, probably for lack of looking.

I guess I’d just like to hear a good solid reason for beating the fuck out of this long-dead horse.

Perhaps we’re beating this dead horse because it will be an event that dictates how the world will operate for the next four years. I think it’s fair to discuss this until we’re blue in the face.

I thought this was going to be another thread about Reeder.

In a way, it kind of is. Although I’m not singling out any poster or political group. Sometimes I think instead of saying “Charter Member” under Reeder’s name it should say “Dead Horse Beater” or maybe “Bushie” :wink:

I have nothing against him at all, I just think the waste of breath and bandwith is phenomenal. We get your point.

Sadly, I think you’re wrong. If Bush wins it won’t change. If Kerry wins, there will be a lull, and then the hard left will rise up in anger when Kerry announces he’s not repealing the patriot act and is staying in Iraq, and when it is revealed that winning the presidency doesn’t mean your opponents in the legislature disappear.

I thought that this was going to be about the ex-poster. I miss him

The thread title was no coincidence, though I hardly knew him.

I’d just as soon skip the next eleven weeks, but I want to experience the act of voting on election day.

On election day I’ma go vote, come home, turn off the ringer on the phone and watched DVDs from Blockbuster all day. No news, no internet, no nuffin’.

Probably won’t even be on the boards for 40 days before the election, either.

News for the OP: it never ends.

Well in that case I’ll just be happy when Vietnam is no longer an issue in presidential campaigns.

Wow! Are you my long lost twin? Your thoughts above are pretty damn close to what I believe will happen either way.

Since when did Kerry announce he would withdraw from Iraq (outside of the fevered imaginings of you Dittoheads)?

The Republicans are going to lose the Senate, mark my words. Half a loaf is better than none.

Originally Posted by furt
Sadly, I think you’re wrong. If Bush wins it won’t change. If Kerry wins, there will be a lull, and then the hard left will rise up in anger when Kerry announces he’s not repealing the patriot act and is staying in Iraq,

I don’t see that furt’s statement above says that Kerry DID say that. But based on some of the posts of a lot of Kerry supporters, it seems as if that’s what a lot of people hope or think is going to happen.

Look, I know for a fact that when Kerry wins, we will leave Iraq, win the war on terror, and experience an economic upswing so huge that even Rush Limaugh will have John Kerry tattoed over his heart.

How about instead of cancelling the election to avoid terror, we move it up. How about Tuesday?

The bullshit won’t end unless all of the following also occur:

  1. Whoever wins the popular vote must win the electoral college vote;
  2. The popular vote differential in each state must be significant enough that no recounts are warranted;
  3. There must be an electoral college landslide so there’s no need to pick over the carcass and speculate on what if this state went for Kerry and that state went for Bush, etc.;
  4. No shenanigans: this means no attempts to keep the polls open late in St. Louis, no absentee ballot bullshit in South Dakota or with the military, no party members completing ballots for voters (Florida), no voter intimidation, etc.
  5. Everyone in Florida needs to have their heads out of their asses on Election Day;
  6. More responsibility from journalists; i.e., no calling Florida one way or the other before the polls are closed; fairness in reporting projected results for all states (even though as I’m typing this we know the outcomes in 38-40 states).
  7. On the off chance we have another debacle and it ends up before the Supreme Court: punt, dammit! Send it to Congress and let them do their constitutional duty!

Even with all that, I think the bullshit will flow freely. Does this stuff happen here every election year? Wait, I know that one.

You forgot “get rid of the hate-mongering idiots on talk radio.”

Well, if Bush wins, I can name half a dozen posters whose heads will probably explode. That would reduce the amount of inane chatter we have to put up. And if Kerry wins, maybe they’ll wriggle back into the woodwork.

That’ll happen right around the time candidates’ military service in the Iraq wars starts to become an issue.

Oh, and I’m right there with the OP. I’m bloody sick of hearing about politics. Please note that I did NOT say that no one has the right to talk about it, or that I’m not voting, or that I like to be ignorant, or anything else of that sort. I’m just bloody sick of hearing about politics. That’s all.