Is it easier to aim with foreskin?

This is not a poll!

Has anyone got first hand experience of having and then not having and any targeting issues?

All I can say is: Ouch!!

Who would subject oneself to such a thing?

… changing religion, removed through infection or for hygiene reasons, vaccum cleaner incident etc…

Second-hand experience from having potty-trained a kid with a foreskin: The standard sanitary practice is to pull the foreskin back out of the way, so it shouldn’t make much difference; any difference you would see would probably be due to a more active guiding hand (the one holding back the foreskin…) rather than just standing there and letting loose…

While I’ve never been without my foreskin (and hope I never, ever am) I generaly pull it back to pee, so it’s has nothing to do with aiming.

It’s necessary to pull it back. If you try to go without retracting the foreskin, expect to be mopping pee off the walls of the bathroom.

Well the men in my house have foreskin and I do not. So do I qualify to post?

Anyway, as the person who cleans the bathrooms, I can tell you it probably hurts aim more than it helps. Unless you’re not talking about aiming for the toilet… :wink:

If I don’t pull it back, I can often get pee flowing 90 degrees to the direction my penis is pointing. The laws of physics are seemingly suspended in my pants.

FWIW, I was taught to pee by leaving my foreskin alone, I learned to pull it back about the same time I learned why “Mr Happy” was so named. Those were tender years.

I’ve heard that a good way to aim is to pinch off the end of the foreskin so that it fills up and expands like a water balloon.

And then let go.

I think that’s the funniest thing I have read on these boards in, oh, the last millenium or so.

I am cut.

I have no trouble hitting the toilet or finding the coochie.

However, bringing down ballistic missiles has so far eluded my skill.

(Just another data point.)

As a child/adolescent, like a very very large number of males, I was naturally phimotic (non-retracting). Learned to aim just fine.
Upon maturity, the situation resolved, making it possible, nay, necessary to adopt the pull-back method, with just a very brief period of re-adjusting the point-of-aim.
So my guess is it would depend on how snug the fit.

I don’t pull it back, and my pee doesn’t go shooting all over the walls…