Is it evil to pray selfishly?

Hi, I am an extremist agnostic, I dont believe it is possible to determine if God exists and if prayer is effective or not. So I am not usually the one to engage in prayer.

However, a few months ago I realized that everything I have intensely prayed for in my adult life has come true.

Perhaps this is because I have never prayed for a physical impossiblity in my adult life. However, be that as it may, the one or two times I have concentrated all my will power beseeching God, gods, and the universe to grant my one wish, it has come through even against a million to one odds.

Now, I am trying to use this fact in my favor. I want something really bad (you can probably guess what this “thing” is; stating that I am a guy probably narrows the list down a bit.) The chances are equally staggering.

Is it selfish for me to pray for this? Shouldnt I be praying for world peace? Whenever I do this, in a specific case such as Bosnia, it fails :mad: :mad: :mad: :frowning: :frowning: So I am thinking it wont do any good anyway.

Selfish? - yes, probably

Evil? - definitely not, at least not how I understand “evil”