Is it just a crazy woman thing or what ? (moving furniture)

Hi All,

I am the only son and also the only grandson in my family. Therefore, I am always the one asked to move anything large. I am 41, so this been going on for about 25 years. I feel like I have spent the last 25 years asking women to get out of my way. It seems like everytime I am asked to move something for an elderly female family member, she will then either stand in my way, or stand where she wants the item to be put.
What is so difficult about knowing to get out of the way ?
And yes, I have spent 25 years trying to explain that i do not mind helping, but the least they could do is get out of way.
I have noticed this phenomenon with several of my past girlfriends also.
My elderly male relatives automatically step out of the way, so, of course they probably spent their entire lives telling the women to move aside also.
Is it just a crazy woman thing or what ?

I am a woman and I stay out of the way. Why would I stand where someone is going to move the couch/chair/desk etc.?

I create a scaled down version (1" to 1’) of the room and furniture before moving it around so I am sure it will all fit properly. It much easier to move small cardboard or paper squares around on a 8" X 10" square of cardboard (assuming the room is 8’ X 10’) than moving heavy furniture all around a room and hoping it fits where I want it all to go.

No, they are spazzy. My boss is a man is very spazzy in this way. Come to think of it, so is one of my exes. He was a musician and we would often load vans and things together and he was ALWAYS in the way. I think some people believe they do not take up any space at all and are just pure consciousness floating in space.

I think if your family never moves their own shit they probably just can’t even imagine things from your point of view. It’s not a woman thing. Outside your family, a lot of women move furiniture all by themselves and know how to get out of people’s way too. Some can even work the newfangled automobiles and voting machines I heard.

What drives me crazy is why women have to move the furniture in the first place. I realize that this is a generalization, but it certainly applies to every woman I know…they completely lack the ability to visualize what it’s gonna look like, or if it’s even going to fit. Which inevitably results in moving the object in question any number of times. :wink:

I would like to point out

  1. I am female.
    2.I do move furniture every now and then, usually at season changes - fall to winter and spring to summer.
  2. I roll up my sleeves and help with the move, goddamnit.
  3. I do not stand where the furniture is supposed to go.
  4. I either use Sims or a “virtual home” program I have to plot out my area and where I want the furniture moved, so I already have a plan of how it’s going to look.
    Thank you. bows

I love using Sims this way. It’s wicked! I only like it for building houses and then decorating them. I have my dream apartment, my room as a kid and I am working on my grandma’s kitchen

I’m female, and I don’t ask anyone to help me move furniture unless it requires two people, and even then I’m one of the two people.

And once I decided to move a humungous couch myself, from the upstairs living room to the basement living room. And I mean it was HUMUNGOUS – heavy and well over 7 feet long (longer than a doors is tall). In order to get it through a doorway, you had to tip it at a strange but specific angle because it was too wide.

So haflway down the stairs with it, I kinda got stuck.

Kinda stuck? Well, okay. I got “definitely stuck”, whereupon I realized that at 5’4" and 120 lbs, this was far more ambitious a task than I’d thought…

I did finally get it unstuck and properly in place. And on my own too. Without a single mark on either the wall or doorframe. But I will NOT do that again.

I made a rule. I’ll gladly move furniture around, but once moved, it stays there for 30 days. In other words, be sure you want it there before you ask me to endanger my back.

I think the question being begged is: why do women need to move furniture anyway? Is the sofa comfortable? Check. Is it well lit, so I can read? Check. Is it placed where I can hear the stereo well? Check. Is there a little table next to it where I can put my beer and unfinished crossword? Check. Fine, the sofa’s doing its job: it won’t do it better anywhere else in the room. Leave the poor thing in peace.

On a slight tangent, I don’t CARE what colour the cushion-covers are: I can’t see them if I’m sitting on them, can I? Leave them be.

The furniture is moved because we like small changes, that’s all.

And I do have a specific reason - I like a cozier sort of atmosphere in the winter, and a roomier, cooler atmosphere in the summer.

Anyway, ever since I got me a set of Movin’ Men* my life is so much easier.

*Movin’Men are these little orange disks with foam on one side. You put them under the feet of whatever you’re moving, and it slides beautifully, across carpet, tile, wood. I once moved a 300-pound METAL desk with only two people because of the MM!

Moving furniture is a form of torture inflicted for the sin of being male.

Jack The Ripper merely had one too many requests to move the sofa “Just a few feet to the left…no back…maybe it would look better upstairs! Take it upstairs, Honey…” :eek: :smack: :mad:

I think I witnessed a re-enaction of this scene!

My neighbors were attempting to move a large leather couch from the basement to the first floor. Like Eats_Crayons , they “kinda got stuck”. Actually, they got very stuck. Permanently stuck.

Rather than murder his wife, my neighbor murdered the couch. Cut it in half with a circular saw and hauled it out in pieces. I don’t think she’s asked him to move furniture since.

They do it for the same reason that a man, if a woman says “Sure, you can bring me a Coke too, thanks” while she’s got her hands full changing a diaper or threading a needle or painting a wall or moving furniture around, will bring her the Coke and then stand there *holding it out to her *instead of setting it down on the conveniently located coaster right beside her.
I assume that’s why, anyway. Although I usually move stuff myself, and I try to get out of the way if someone else is doing it.

I am, even as I type, planning to move various small pieces of furniture from one room to another in an attempt to have a little more organization. :smiley:

My mother does that - she wants something moved, and then stands on the spot where she wants it.
“I want it right here!
“Okay, Mom, but now you have to move out of the way.”
“But I want it right here!”
“Yes, I see where you want it, but you have to move if you want me to get it in there!”
All she has to do is tell me where she wants it. I can remember what she said for the few minutes it takes to move it.
My mom drives me nuts.
JFTR, I’m female, and perfectly capable of moving my own furniture.
My huband and I bought a woodstove over the summer and had to rearrange the living room furniture so it could be installed so it will heat the house more efficiently (we’re using it as a primary heat source). We discussed it a little, and the day they dropped off the stove and set it up, I did it all; I moved two big bookshelves, a sofa, a love seat, chair, two end tables, and the TV shelf (32" TV, VCR, DVD player, digital cable box and stereo receiver).

I move furniture when it enters the house, and if I leave the house with all of my other possessions.

I might consider an exception to the above rule in cases of:
a) Something was killed in the house and stained the carpet-let’s cover the stain
b) The furniture has developed an infestation of biting, hissing, crotch spiders
c) I’ve been given a newer and nicer version of whatever is being replaced

Otherwise, have a beer while surveying the empty room, haul it in, put it down, and like it. Note that beer is necessary for proper visualizations, analysis of travel paths to the kitchen, bathroom, and other necessary places. :wink:

I’m female. Unless I’m moving to a new house or can haul around the furniture myself, it stays where it is. Good Lord! I don’t want anyone seeing the dustbunnies, etc. under my heavy stuff!

I still cringe when I remember my last move. The movers picked up my piano only to reveal that, at some point in the past, my cat had torn up a box of tampons and knocked several undernearth it.

Nope. The heavy stuff is staying right where it is.

How you doin?