Is it just me or does Keano Reeve's always sound like a kid trying to sound manlier?

I was trying to think why he particularly annoys me, and I finally concluded it was his voice. He sounds like a 14 year old boy talking to a pretty girl, lowering his voice and stripping out emotional inflection to seem tougher.

I was going to post something about this the other day. He is one of those people who just has an awkward voice - and it’s not JUST the acting. Andie McDowell, Daryl Hannah, Mimi Rodgers, and Uma Thurman (to a lesser extent) have the same problem.

Keano Reeve’s what?


Keanu Reeves (no apostrophe).

I think Stephen Baldwin is more alike him in affectation than the ladies you list, though :smiley:

On the other hand, let’s celebrate the fact that a person with a disability can have a rewarding career in the film acting field.

What’s Keanu’s disability you ask?

C’mon-- it’s plain as day if you’ve seen any of his movies. The poor soul simply can not act. At all. Not to save his life.

I know this is not an original thought, but what can you do when something is so patently obvious?

Psychologically, you may be on to something, Boyo Jim. Reeve’s father is, by all accounts, a loser (has done drugs, jail time, etc). Maybe Keanu is trying to overcompensate.

Yes, by being a genital wart on the scrotum of Hollywood.

Bugnorton, where did that come from? If you think he’s a bad actor, OK, but what’s with that abusive remark above? I’ve yet to hear a bad thing about Reeves personally, and those who have interviewed him say that he is a charming man.

Okay, I’ll amend the comment to read:

…genital wart on the scrotum of the art of acting. Better now?