Is It Just Me, Or Is This Place Running Faster?

Just over the past couple of weeks I haven’t had any loading lags or log-outs, even at the busiest times. A hearty thanks to the tech staff - it makes hanging out here so much easier.

It’s just you. :slight_smile:

Seriously, as a UK Doper, the board has been running quickly and smoothly for a couple of years now (before that it was dreadful).

There are times of the day, however, when lags and time-outs occur, and I figure this is connected with US Dopers (Eastern, Central and Pacific) starting work and logging on, and getting home in the evening (and ditto).

No biggie though, and the spikes never last too long.

It’s just you. I’d say about 2/3 of the time I attempt to access the board I have problems with pages hanging or timing out. I access mostly after work and on the weekends, EST.

Yeah, it’s you.

You lucky devil!

Maybe it’s me, too. Since I’ve gotten back, I’ve noticed less time-outs and quicker loading times.

If y’all have been doing something (like offloading some of the old posts), please do keep it up.

…and if y’all haven’t been doing anything, please do keep the drugs coming. They’re tasty!

Think of it like your commute to work; some days you catch all the lights and some days you just glide on through with hardly a stop. You just got lucky. May your good fortune continue.

I prefer to think of myself as the ill-kempt scrofulous malodorous bum, muttering angrily to myself while the other commuters nervously shun me on the way to work. Hey lady, you got a dollar?

Like the others in this thread, I still have problems with slow loading at times. This is why I will not be renewing my subscription when it runs out in two days. A message board with almost no graphics, and revenue from subscription fees as well as google ads should under no circumstances have these kinds of problems. It’s a pity since I think this is a great community with generally good moderators.

I’ll still read occasionally, so make a big announcement if you ever add a new server or fix the speed problems. If things improve, I’ll probably subscribe again.