Is it just me or....

…is Google’s homepage today a little creepy?

That’s not lipstick, it’s blood! :eek:

It looks like blood to me, too.

I think you want to specify [noparse][/noparse]. [noparse][/noparse] has the plain logo, and has a heart in place of the first o and a pair of lovebirds on the second.

And apparently doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day

When I click on your link it does not have a plain logo (today Feb 14th.)

Google loves you… TO DEATH!!!

I also thought the .com version was freaky. The .uk version is cute, though.

It looked like blood to me also.

Yep, that’s creepy. In fact my first thought was, “oh yeah, Friday the 13th”.

what did it look like yesterday?

Yesterday it was just normal, changed back after the cute Darwin one. Today, definitely creepy–it’s like VDay for stalkers or something!

I have my iGoogle page, with the darling Japanese fox. Right now, he rowing back across the stream after his picnic lunch.

The US one is definitely terrifying. Like, serial-killer-the-calls-are-coming-from-INSIDE-THE-HOUSE terrifying.

But the UK one is adorable and melted even my glacial heart.

My desktop has the little kawaii kitsune ^-^ … but the laptop that I keep by my bed for reading doesn’t. I had just finished H.P. Lovecraft’s The Color Out of Space at 2am with the lights out and went to Google something… :eek:

For me the link went straight to the UK version, and I thought, ‘Good God the OP’s right, that bird is totally trying to eat that other bird’s head!’

But no, apparently it’s really cute. Am I the sicko, or is it everyone else?

I’m not the only one!

Click my link then, I guess.