Is it just me...

…or does Joe the Plumber seem like a great Straight Dope name?

Sure, go ahead and use it. Then you wouldn’t be a nobody anymore. :rolleyes:

:dubious: First, I wasn’t suggesting that I use it.
Second, I kept hearing both candidates talk about Joe the plumber during the debate and though it sounded perfect for an SDMB name. Why the roll-eyes?

The roll eyes was for my lame joke, not for you! And I was actually agreeing with you. It just didn’t come out right.
I like it. :slight_smile:

Cool. Thanks.

Ya know…it could be Jo the plumber. :smiley:
This for those of us old enough for the Josephine the Plumber Comet commercials.

Hey! My plumber is actually Joe the Plumber- it’s on his cards and everything!

No, we don’t live in Toledo.

I don’t blame you. Plumbers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Sure, NOW you tell me. sigh

I do wonder how Joe became the catch-all name for things like this.



Are you going to start teasing him now?:smiley:

Sombody needs some spackle. :smiley: