Joe the Plumber: McCain sucks, Obama honest

Well, dress me up and call me Sally. Joe the Plumber says McCain screwed up his life, and gives Obama marks for honesty (not that he agrees with Obama, of course).


Phone call for Mr. Plumber: your 2 minutes of fame expired two years ago.

Irony ho!

Wait, what’s the irony?

That Joe didn’t take our advice.

It’s like Joe the Plumber is getting a free ride when he’s already paid.

Hey, people still listen to Joe (conservatives often live in the past), I’d rather have “one of their own” (ie someone they’ll listen to) tell them this, because they won’t listen to us when we say it.

This is a huge blow to the McCain campaign.

Well, plumber is derived from plumbous which is another word for lead and lead is a metal like iron … irony … er, okay I got nothing.

I didn’t trust Joe the unlicensed subcontractor when he was blasting Obama, and I don’t trust him (or listen to him) now that he’s blasting McCain.

A noble attempt, Sir. They don’t all work.

You bought an Acme Explanation Generator, didn’t you?

I like how it says “Joe, also known as Sam Wurzelbacher…”. That’s like saying “Han Solo, also known as Harrison Ford…”. Too bad he’s an unlicensed plumber as he’ll be needing a job soon since his gravy train is about to derail, if it hasn’t already.

To me, it sounds like it has, and that has left him bitter about John McCain. The campaign plucked him from obscurity, made him feel like he had a voice, and then - he discovered he didn’t.

Something about “Joe” reminds me of Charles Guiteau Charles J. Guiteau - Wikipedia

“Joe” seems to wonder why he isn’t Ambassador to France - or at least sitting in a Republican think tank getting paid big bucks to tell people what guys like him think.

Was “Joe” getting paid by the McCain campaign? I thought maybe they paid his travel expenses during the campaign, but that’s it.