Joe the Dumbass: "A vote for Obama is a vote for death to Israel"

McCain was stupid enough to put that Wurzelbacher clown on the stump and he’s already fucked up.

That’s not the only stupid thing this idiot says in the article. He also burbles this bit of multi-layered ignorance:

That’s what happens when you take a random, dittohead, dumbfuck off the street and give him a microphone.

Why the fuck is McCain so enamored with this moron? What evidence is there that this asshole is moving any votes?

Maybe it’s not John McCain that’s so enamored of him?

Wish this guy’s fifteen minutes would run out already.
Is it really McCain’s people who are using this guy now? If so, they really are dumber than moose turds. Never thought I’d say this, but these guys make Karl Rove look good (well, competent, anyway).

One more day, one step closer to Camacho.

Look for a November 2 announcement from the McCain campaign, possibly on Meet the Press:

*Governor Palin has informed Senator McCain that family-related matters have ballooned to the point where she can either be an effective partner to her husband, mother to her children, and Governor of the state of Alaska; or an effective member of the leadership team for the American people. She feels that at this point in history, she cannot be both. She has expressed her regret to Senator McCain that this is the current reality of the situation, and has asked to be excused from her place on the McCain ticket.

Senator McCain has reluctantly accepted Governor Palin’s decision, and is hereby announcing that he has invited Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher to join the McCain team, and on January 20, 2009, be sworn in as the forty-seventh Vice President of the United States."*

No, I think he’s saving Joe up for a real job, like Secretary of the Treasury, where he can get to use his economic expertise.

Sweet mother of God! That clown has officially sanctioned opinions on international politics?! That clown is a bona fide member of the McCain campaign?! How desperate can they be?

Take it all in, bud… Your 15 minutes are about over

The object is to have dumb asses identify with you as a candidate without you having to be a dumb ass yourself. However, it’s too late for McCain.

I don’t understand how Joe “fucked up.” Not that I don’t think what he said was fucked up, but I’m not sure this isn’t a smart (not necessarily good) political move by McCain.

Yeah, how is it fucked up to make voters think that an Obama victory would be bad for Israel? There are enough pro-ISrael people out there that that could win you votes.

Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would make a much better President than Joe the Plumber. Or Sarah Palin it seems.

Yeah, but merely asserting that a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel doesn’t convince voters that it is true. Maybe he’s a muslim nazi and maybe he isn’t but just calling him a muslim nazi doesn’t make him a muslim nazi.

I get an overall pitting of JTP for dumbass statements. Sure.

But I guess I’m stuck in armchair pundit mode, and was reacting to the notion that he made a gaffe (fucked up) or McCain could do anything but gain votes by this.

Consider all the audiences out there – who is going to switch their vote from McCain because of JTP’s statements? JTP is representing exactly the demographic McCain was reaching for when he made him a celebrity during the debate. It’s not like a senior policy adviser is making the statements, so only the most pedantic out there would attribute JTP’s remarks directly to the Campaign in general. But it does make it seem as if alllll JTPs out there are voicing this “concern.”

How are comments from Joe the Plumber going to make anyone think Obama is bad for Israel? The only ones who will believe it are the McCainite know-nothings. Everybody else will just see it as more evidence of the spectacular meltdown of the McCain campaign. This can only hurt McCain. Even if a couple of voters are persuaded by it, many more will finally decide that they’ve had enough of McCain and these idiots he chooses to glorify. It’s not just the undecided voters that McCain has to worry about. He’s also alienating a lot of people who had already decided to vote for him. This can not help.

Responding to Rhythmdvl on preview: I don’t think people will assume that Joe the Plumber’s remarks represent the campaign’s official positions. I do think people will react negatively to the fact that the campaign is allowing this bozo to speak for them.

Promoting this guy as a representative of blue-collar America is an insult to blue-collar Americans.

Joe is about as credible as a person who come forward speaking of alien visitations, trips to the mother ship and anal probings. I think the public sees this.

Is McCain still bringing up “Joe the Plumber” ?
Or is it the media so enamoured with Joe.

I don’t see the relevance of Joe any more than the relevance of Wright.

What the hell has Wright been saying these days ? Is he still supporting Obama?

Somehow, I don’t think the Obama=death-to-Israel meme is gonna win Obama the Stormfront vote. Just a hunch.

Dumbass, he’s on a GOP bus tour. He’s being made an official part of the campaign.

If you can’t be bothered to read the links, don’t be surprised when you look like a shithead in the discussion that follows.

Yes, and he’s got him on the campaign trail.

Other than Fox News, I don’t thinks so.

Me either, but McCain and Palin sem to think he’s their salvation.

I don’t know. Who gives a shit? Obama isn’t putting him on the stump and pimping him at rallies.

Wright never said anything that bad anyway. Palin alone is a far more offensive human being.

If you say something often enough, people will believe it, even if it’s not true…especially if it’s not true. They might dismiss it at first, but there will be part of them who’ll say “well, there must be something there, or else he wouldn’t say it.” It’s the way people are. They’re willing to accept that a person will exaggerate, but not just lie totally in a major way. So if you make a claim that’s outrageous enough, and keep repeating it with all seriousness, people will come to believe you.