Does "Joe The Plumber" have a PAC?

A couple of weeks ago I donated a couple of thousand to the “Joe Six Pack” PAC. Now I find out the he’s no longer the poster drunk for the Republican campaign. Now I have to donate to the “Joe The Plumber” political action campaign.

Does anybody have a website?

I am committed to absolutely supporting the lowest common denominator.

While the Straight Dope is committed to fighting ignorance, I want to help establish the bottom line. Raise me up and I’ll raise you up. Go Joe!

Calm down and think it over: how does Joe Six Pack earn the money to pay for his beer?

I don’t know, but I’d bet there will be about 1,000 garage bands tomorrow who rename themselves “Joe the Plumber.”

Maybe I don’t get it… is a plumber the lowest common denominator? Is it because it is a job that you wouldn’t do?

How long before the media tracks down this guy and analyzes his finances? I expect to see articles about him in the papers within three days.

Is he one of “My Friends?”

Where are the PAC contributions deposited? The butt crack?

No, no, no, you’re taking it wrong. Plumbers make more than doctors. That’s where the money is. I just want to donate to today’s Masters of the Universe as anointed by McCain. “Joe the Plumber” is the heartbeat of America and as denominator go, that’s pretty low.

Joe Six Pack is as “yesterday” as Mitt Romney.

Why didn’t McCain make Joe the Plumber the VP candidate instead of that airhead hockey mom? JTP is my kind of guy!

Some famous American said that plumbers are as important as philosophers. Both your pipes and your theories ought to hold water.

Ummm we all know that plumbers make way more money than the rest of us don’t we? Anybody with a real good site for plumber wages?

Not that I begrudge them their pay. The whole not chewing on your fingernails after working on a job would kill it for me.

Joe the Sanitation Worker just doesn’t scan well.

Now I am really confused–plumbers usually make a decent wage (from drive , desire and mentorship)…and they do not have to pay the incredible student loan payment that doctors have to pay… So who is the lowest denominator?


If you mean who has the shittiest job, migrant fruit pickers.

It can’t be worse than the alternative–or else they wouldn’t be doing it, right?

Oh really? When was the last time you heard of a migrant fruit picker killed by arguing with a parrot?

Hey, my brother-in-law lives in Kansas City and was a Master plumber for most of his life. He made a decent living, though he didn’t get rich by any means. He had to change jobs recently because being a plumber is absolute HELL on your body and it was starting to wear him down.

Oh and, he’s just about as liberal as you could possibly imagine. He even bought a old truck once because it had a bunch of cool liberal stickers on it. He’s taking the day off on election day so he and my husband can ferry people to the polls.

Not all plumbers, even the best ones, are rich, or conservative. Or named Joe.

According to CNN, Joe the Plumber is a real guy who asked Obama a question last weekend. Apparently “Joe” wants to buy a plumbing business that makes over $250,000/year, but he does not want to pay more taxes. Obama basically told him that that’s the way it would be, but the guy was miffed.

So… he wants to buy a company that makes over $250,000/year PROFIT. I doubt he’s getting a friendly bank loan these days, so he has, what,… about $2,500,000 to invest in a business? (That assumes a 10% ROI for a plumbing business - I have no idea what it really should be)

You know… I don’t really feel very sorry for Joe the Plumber. He’s apparently doing pretty good compared to me.

It’s all the fault of them damn socialist plumbers’ unions:

I still don’t really get the point of the “Joe the Plumber” story. He wants to buy a plumbing business, and is concerned about Obama’s tax rate for over 250k. But that’s an income tax, right?, its not going to be the same as whatever taxes are leveled on the profits of a plumbing company, right?

Alternatively he was worried about the taxes on his current income preventing him from being able to afford to but the business in the first place, but that doesn’t make much sense either. Using Kimstu’s numbers I get something like 80k a year at the upper range for a plumber, so unless he’s some sort of super plumber to celebrities that’s paid three times the average, he’s presumably not making enough to be affected negatively by the proposed tax.

Anyone know the deal with this latest incarnation of the American Everyman.

Well, cleaning drains and septic tanks is better suited for people with few aspirations.