Is it legal to ban me from visiting a site?

Long story short: There is a site that I was a member of that has a message board. In a Private Mesaage I mentioned to another member how the brothers who run the site are jerks. I’m pretty sure this is why I was banned since I did nothing else wrong and hardly ever post.

Now when I try to visit the site (not the message board, just the site in general) I am redirected to’s definition of banned. Is it legal for a site to not let me access it?

I can still access the site using an anonymizer; It doesn’t seem right that I would have to though.

A website is private property. The owner of that property can do whatever he wants with it. If he doesn’t want you to visit, then he doesn’t have to let you.

I’m sorry for your situation, x-ray vision, but I must admit that’s a pretty funny way for someone to let you know you’ve been banned.

Of course it’s legal. That message board is sitting on some person’s computer. That person has every right in the world to control who can and cannot have access to it.

I was once banned from a site for no real reason. At first it hurt, but then I decided that the folks on the forum would probably miss me more than I would miss them, and I moved on. I went back once (using an anonymizing proxy) after someone alerted me to the fact that I was being insulted and lied about. I doubt that I’ll return again, no matter is said about me. I prefer the company of people who deal with one another in an adult, courteous manner. The SDMB suits me fine, and I can’t imagine that I’ll be banned here unless I do something that truly deserves banning.

A message board I belong to has banned access to the entire nation of Japan for some petty and stupid and hilarious reason.

There’s nothing wrong with the factual question as posed, but I’m going to close this thread anyway: first because the question has been answered, and second because this sort of thread often attracts the wrong element.

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