Is it ok to ask about stocks on the SDMB?

Are threads such as, “Should I buy xyz company stock?” allowed on the SDMB? How about general threads such as, "Should I buy stocks now? or “Is the Dow going to rise?”

Hmm. Well, I guess you could ask, but I’d put them in the same category as quesitons like, “What’s that funny looking mole that suddenly appeared on my cheek?” – namely, you should be looking for expert opinion, and not relying on Message Board commentary. Even well-meaning posters don’t know your investment strategy, financial and personal data, etc., and similar information that a financial advisor would know.

However, I will pass this one by the other Moderators before we give a definite ruling.

From the registration agreement:

So, I guess we’re not forbidding it, at least not broadly speaking, but we think it’s a pretty stupid thing to do. There are lots of resources that can help you with professional financial advice, both online and in person, where you would be better served.

I thought this meant stocks as in things to put other Dopers in and pelt them with stuff. Now that merits a thread…