Is it ok to only wear one insole?

I just got back from seeing the podiatrist today and he told me to only wear an insole in my left shoe to help balance my body back.

Not only did he tell me to wear an insole in the opposite side I was asking about he again only told me to wear one?

Should I trust what he says? I don’t want to mess up my balance even more.

I hate the feeling I get that doctors can’t be trusted. I don’t even know if I can believe them.

A doctor told me I had varicose veins before and I have NO dark blue veins protruding from my leg. Why did he tell me that? The other doctors have told me that I don’t have it.

Your doctor told you to wear one insole and you don’t trust him? Do you think he might be trying to make your situation worse so he can charge you more?

If you really feel that way you should find another doctor you can trust and take his/her advice. How would we know whether what your doctor told you is right or not?

If there were any other dopers that only wear one insole then that would be a start.

IANAD and this seems like IMHO to me. However…

I have had a doctor recommend wearing one insole on two different occasions.

Once when I had osteonecrosis in my left foot, I had a very stiff insole that was meant to keep the affected foot from flexing too much. This was a prescription thing shaped to fit my foot made from carbon fiber or some such.

The other time I was wearing a walking boot (for the osteonecrosis, which had previously been misdiagnosed as a broken bone). The walking boot had my left foot higher than my right and my lower back was completely jacked up. Doctor suggested I buy inserts and wear one in my right shoe. I got them at Foot Locker, can’t remember the brand, but you can get them anywhere. Helped a ton.

Re-reading the OP, I will add that the lower back pain when I was wearing the walking boot was on left side, same side as the boot. The insole was in the right shoe, so yes, the opposite side from the pain.

You need to ask you doctor questions. Go with a list to help remember. Or a friend/family member. And doctors aren’t always right. Insurance should offer you the ability to get a second opinion.

Since this involves medical advice, let’s move it to IMHO.

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Yet you find the opinions of anonymous posters on a message board more trustworthy? :smack:

We generally advise to get the opinion of a trained medical professional on health issues. Free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it.

Seriously man? Why couldn’t there be doctors that use this site?

A trained professional?

You mean like the doctor that told me I have varicose veins when I really didn’t?

The poster above says that he wore one insole at a time before that does help me trust the doctor more.

There you go with the opinions again.

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If you’re off balance, wearing one insole will help balance you out; why wouldn’t you trust him & try it out?

No, don’t do this, go with an Even-Up; saved my [del]ass[/del] back when I was in a boot. Two caveats, though:
[li]It was much cheaper on Amazon (& I’m not a big Amazon fan; don’t have prime.)[/li][li]I had to jury-rig it by buying a second velcro strap to wear across the top of my foot (behind where the shoe ties) to keep from accidentally kicking it off like a shower flip flop.[/li][/ul]

FWIW I have been told on several occasions by a doctor I trust (YMMV) to only wear one insole.