Is it possible to be allergic suddenly to pulled pork?

Hello Everyone,

Well, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’ve been puking my guts out for over an hour.

About the weeks ago we got pulled pork from a local restaurant know for their awards winning pork. Got it home had a single bite and became nauseous and I felt what could only be described as a giant bubble of gas in my chest. 1/2 hour later I was fine.

Far forward to tonight. Again, one single bite of the pork and this time I’m throwing up for an hour straight and my stomach is very upset. WTH?!

Google shows that there is such a thing as “pork intolerance” or even straight up pork allergy.

So how is it I’ve made it 54 years on this planet, I’ve eaten pulled pork hundreds of and suddenly in allergic to it?I

More likely explanation: the award-winning pork is none too fresh or maybe something that went into it is bad. I would recommend you consult your doctor rather than trying to get a diagnosis from us randos.

You can also buy from the supermarket plain pork (with as little seasoning as possible) and see if the same effect occurs. Doesn’t pulled pork involve spices and sauce?

Yeah. If you fall afoul of the wrong tick.

But it’s probably not that. Food poisoning doesn’t happen after one bite.

I’d guess unrelated gastric distress, either a stomach bug or something else. Just because you bit into pork and got sick doesn’t mean the pork made you sick.

This. A simple experiment, easily done. Cook a pork chop, take a bite. Worst case the same bad hour you experienced happens, but now knowledge is on your side. Likely case: nothing at all happens, but you can rest easy when you next encounter pork in all it’s delightful forms (hello, bacon!).

And a shit-ton of fat. Could be it was too rich for the OPs stomach on that particular day. I’ve got IBS on occasion, triggered by fatty meants; completely unpredictable though the bad news comes from the other end.

Agree with above posters, but in answer to the OP, it is possible to suddenly become allergic to something, especially if you’re on a steroid treatment.
My mom became allergic to eggs at the tender age of 60.

I would agree, except that this is the and time in a row this has happened. The two incidents were a few weeks apart, but one bite and instant puke. Wierd, don’t know what to make of it.

Alpha-gal sensitivity would be to ALL mammal flesh, not just pork.

That said, it IS possible to develop an allergy later in life. It’s not very common, but still possible (as, unfortunately, I know from experience).

That said - food allergies usually manifest as hives, itchy, tingling, and swelling of lips/tongue/face/etc. Vomiting can also occur but usually not on its own. Usually. Allergies can be tricky.

Bad pork is more likely, or maybe too fatty or something else… but, like I said, it can be tricky.

Do you have this reaction with other sorts of pork? If no, then it’s that specific pulled pork and not an allergy. If all form of pork start inducing vomiting then yeah, it’s some sort sensitivity or aversion or intolerance or allergy… but real bottom line in that case being “stop eating pork” if you don’t want it to happen again.

This, twice. You need to determine if you are allergic to pork, or the other ingredients in the pulled pork.

But it won’t be an inclusive simple test. So try this …

  1. To be scientifically and medically correct, go to the doctor and get a real allergy test.
  2. Try an experiment. Buy a a small pork butt and cook it properly. When done, taste test it.
  3. If you pass, then go buy another pork butt. This time brown it with one of those new-fangled pressure cookers first, then cook it in the pressure cooker with whatever spices and sauces of your choice. When done, take two forks and shred it yourself. Bingo! Your own, homemade pulled pork.

I make pulled pork all the time with a four to six pound pork butt and my Instant-pot. That amount will make a dozen meals plus at significant savings compared to ready-made pulled pork. Plus, I know everything that went into making it.

Well I did some Google and found that I’m not alone. Apparently the term is “Pork Intolerance” and most have said it happens only with pulled pork.

Regardless of what causes it I’ve spent almost two hours heaving up everything except my spleen. Needless to say me and BBQ pork are no longer friends.

FWIW my uncle just recently told me he is also no longer able to eat pork… One day, it just started making him sick. He is a year younger than me, only 39.

I would fall apart if that happened to me, because pork is plentiful and so much cheaper than beef.

Not all mammals. You can still eat people.

In both cases was the pork pulled pork bought from the same place? I’m siding with something in the spicing making you react if this is the case. If the second time was a piece of bacon, I’ve got nothing.

Maybe four years ago I went to a street fair and bought a cajun sausage sandwich. A couple hours later I broke out in hives everywhere below the neck and above the waist. No idea what that was about, and I’ve had plenty of non-reactions to sausages before and since.

It might not be forever. I used to get the runs about 50% of the time I ate pork until I was about 30. No problems since.

GI anaphylaxis is a very real thing, a genuine allergic reaction, mediated by IgE just like more classic allergic reactions like hives, wheezing, etc. Individuals suffering from it can experience very very rapid onset of symptoms after ingestion, with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea being common features. It can be deadly.

I’d caution against doing your own tests at home. Consult your doctor, referral to an allergist/immunologist might be the best route.

I’m sensitive to nutmeg, gives me nearly instantaneous and very painful heartburn and guess what’s a very common spice ingredient in lots of baked goods AND BBQ sauce? Drives me up the wall, it does. Lucky for me I know it’s the nutmeg so I don’t get too freaked out by having meat AND oatmeal cookies AND pumpkin pie give me the same reaction.

Also a symptom of GI anaphylaxis

Figured it was likely an allergy but haven’t been tested for it so “sensitivity” is probably the better term for it. :wink:

And it may be just that, a sensitivity. Though you could try antihistamines like diphenhydramine or claritin to see if it clears the symptoms faster. If so, an allergy would be more likely, but not certain.

And if you do ever know you’re going to be unavoidably exposed to nutmeg, you could pre-medicate with those also and see if it helps.

I’m pretty good at avoiding common items that are likely to have the stuff and I also am not a fan of the flavor so it seldom nails me and if it does I can usually hit it with calcium or famotidine (also a histamine blocker so there’s likely a good reason why it works so well for me) and manage the symptoms until it passes. As food sensitivities go, that’s a pretty innocuous and easily avoided one. And if anyone’s curious, you can use allspice instead of nutmeg anywhere it’s called for and it works perfectly fine.