Macadamias made me puke

The husband brought macadamia nuts from Hawai’i and tonite I had some, say a handful. Before I was even done eating them, I had to go throw them back up. Now, I have some food allergies, but my understanding of those is that they only cause breathing issues, and I can’t seem to find anything on Google that says otherwise.

So, what’s up? Am I allergic to these things? I am not a frequent puker, so for this to happen is highly unusual.

It may be food intolerance rather than an allergy.

I can’t eat eggs due to a food intolerance. I usually say I am allergic, it’s simpler to explain.

This happens when my son eats nuts of different sorts, and he is allergic to nuts(though not anaphylactic yet). I’d stay away from them.

I have food intolerances as well but never had such an immediate reaction. And, I’m not allergic or intolerant of other nuts. Guess it must be old age…:smiley:

Reading your link, it looks like I am actually allergic to the macadamias rather than intolerant tho, since it took only a small amount for me to have an, er, violent reaction. Funny tho, the chocolate covered ones I had last night were OK!

He throws them up too? And oh yeah, I’m not touching them again, not even the chocolate covered ones. I do not do puking well.

I have had this reaction to tannin occasionally. And I’ve learned that I can *never *drink red wine while also eating anything tomato-ish (pizza, caprese, even a stew). I will be sick within the hour.

Sadly, I recommend you steer clear of macadamia nuts. If you would like to unload them over here, I’d be much obliged. :wink:

:smiley: Unfortunately, my husband seems to be able to eat large quantities without any trouble. Sorry!

Are you sure the puking wasn’t unrelated?

I threw up while eating black licorice as a child, and I always assumed I was “allergic to black licorice”.

;;;(40 years later);;;
I mentioned this in front of my mom, who laughed and said “Allergic? No, you’re not. You had just caught the flu. You would’ve thrown up whatever you eating!”

Whew–glad it wasn’t chocolate or strawberries!

Since the OP is about a real-life problem of a “medical” sort, I think we need to go to IMHO rather than General Questions. Then eveyone, qualified or not, can express their opinion.

samclem , Moderator

Heh, no, since I have quite a few allergies and food intolerance (for example, I cannot have fresh strawberries), plus it’s been several hours now and no other symptoms, I was pretty sure it was one or the other. I have sort of the same issue when I eat shellfish some times, tho it has never been right away like with the nuts.

Oo, my first moved thread - I feel special. :cool:

Curious–bivalves? Just sometimes?

Snerk! I think it has to do with how much wine I drink with dinner, and how much shellfish I have at one sitting. I don’t really know any more because I haven’t been, er, curious enough to push the issue in years.

So, it could be something like acid-reflux, not a food allergy.

Dunno! What are the symptoms of that? Googles…

No, I don’t have any of those symptoms. All that happens is sudden intense nausea, a quick walk to the toilet and evacuation of contents. And I am not an easy puker, so it has to be pretty bad for me to decide I’m going to do it.

I’ve had this problem with pine nuts - about half the times I’ve eaten them (which isn’t many, because I tend to avoid them now), I’ve thrown up shortly after. No breathing problems, no rashes or sweating - just a dire need to vomit, then feel better straight away.

That’s exactly it, except I always feel gawdawful after I’ve vomited. Funny thing tho - I had a PB&J sandwich not long afterward to settle my stomach. Guess peanuts are OK.

Well, tree nuts and peanuts are not the same so I wouldn’t expect a reaction.

However, it could have been something in how the macadamias were treated when they were roasted and canned. Or possibly a reaction to a combination of whatever else you had eaten and the nuts.

Your description of the sudden need to puke and feeling good enough to down food not too long afterwards sounds like what I experience with the wine/tomato combination.

…don’t tell Rosanne…

The high fat content in macadamia nuts and pinenuts can make them go ever so slightly off. My guess is that you are both sensitive to slightly off food while your spouses have iron stomachs. No true allergy will make you puke with no other side effect.

I didn’t have anything with the nuts, so the only thing left would be something when they were roasted and bagged. OTOH, my husband had some at the same time and he was fine! I’ll have to ask my allergist the next appt to see what he thinks, and if I was tested for macadamias last time.

Could they be off if the bag had just been opened for the first time?

You are not alone in this. I have no known other food allergies and I only suffer food intolerance when I ‘pig out’. BUT macadamia nuts make me tremble and feel nauseas. It wasn’t always this way. As a teenager I loved 'em and but somewhere in my 40’s I found that even a few macadamias made me feel poisoned for several hours. It usually takes about half an hour after eating them to start feeling awful and another 4 or 5 hours until it subsides. Give me cashews any day!