Is it possible to be allergic suddenly to pulled pork?

Regarding the suggestions of try this or that, may I suggest you just try a nibble. You may be able to figure out what you need to know without actually puking your guts up.
This is of course a secondary suggestion after seeing a doctor.

Sorry, I was unclear. I wrote “check the ingredient list” in hopes that some spice or whatever would be found there that the OP was sensitive to, besides pork. And to be fair, the ingredient list likely says “spices” or even worse “natural flavors”, and won’t be much help. Thank you so much, food industry. :rage:


I have taken to writing companies directly to find out if any of my Forbidden List is part of their “spice”, "natural flavorings’, or “natural colorings”. You have to word it carefully so it doesn’t sound like you’re trying to steal a recipe or something. I’ve gotten some VERY rude responses mixed in with the nice and helpful responses.

OP here. I haven’t had the time, but as soon as I do I’m going to stop by the restaurant and inquire if they changed their recipe. I’ve eaten there many times before with no Ill effect. Perhaps I’m just assuming it’s pork, it might be a new ingredient in their sauce.

Of course that doesn’t explain the beanie weenie thing. I’m going to hope that was just my mind playing tricks as I love franks and beans.

That’s entirely possible- about 30 years ago, when I was pregnant, I ate a hot dog from a cart. The next day, starting from approximately when I woke up, I was burping hot dog. And the taste of it first thing in the morning made me nauseated and being pregnant , I of course puked my guts out . All day long the same thing happened- burp, hot dog taste, puke. Thirty years later, I still can’t eat a hot dog cooked that way- even thinking about eating one makes me a little nauseated. I can eat a grilled dog if I absolutely have to but not steamed or boiled.

@obbn : did you ever figure out your pork aversion?

Nope, it’s still there and still strong, but only with pulled pork. And since I’ve only eaten pulled pork from one particular place (I’m hesitant to try it anywhere else) and I used to eat it there all the time I’m assuming they’ve added something to their recipe. So upon reflection is probably not a pork allergy, but something they add to it. I say this as ham, bacon etc. have no effect on me.

Now that you’ve asked the question I’m thinking of stopping by the restaurant on the way home from work and asking if they’ve changed anything. If they have I’m report back.

Thanks for asking.

Actually celery juice is loaded with nitrites, so it’s often used in “uncured” meat products instead of sodium nitrite. It’s the same exact chemical thing, but since it’s just vegetable juice, people somehow think it’s healthier or better than the straight chemical itself.

Celery juice isn’t used AFAIK as a MSG alternative- that’s usually stuff like “hydrolyzed soy protein” or “autolyzed yeast extract”, which are the same idea- chemically they end up acting just like MSG, but since they aren’t called out as MSG, people accept them more readily.