Is it possible to download a posting archive?

My sister (Doper ioioio a.k.a. lainaf) passed away shortly before the Covid pandemic. I’ve enjoyed browsing through her posts, which date back two decades, but it would be nice to have them stashed on my own computer.

Is there a way for a SDMB poster to easily download their own archives, or (with moderater help and approval) the archive of another poster?

I know you can download your own posts. Go to your account page and and then go to Preferences → Account. There’s an “Export your data” option

So the functionality for archiving is possible, but I don’t know how to download someone else’s posts. If you have access to your sister’s account, then you could do this yourself by logging into her account.

What you get out of that is a zip file which includes all the posts in a not very easy to use format. Anyone who’s good with basic text editing tools and something like Excel can convert it into something someone could actually read. But it would be work.