Is It Possible To Find Out If Soros Is Shorting The Euro?

As an international trader/speculator, George Soros hides his actions and intents. Of course, this secrecy is what enables him to make profits-if he signalled his intentions, his advantages in trading would be lost.
In any event-is it possible to find out of Soros has designs against the euro?
Suppose he decides that the value of the euro will drop-he would buy up contracts for the currency, that would allow him to profit (short selling).
Can he conceal this? Or are there ways of finding out what he is doing?

Would you want George Soros to know what you’re investing in? If not, then why would he want you to know what he’s doing? Also, as you point out, for big traders foreknowledge of their intentions can distort the market against them. No reason to announce it.

And I think Soros having “designs” against the Euro is the least of the Euro’s problems at the moment.

To make this bipartisan…how about the Koch Bros.? :wink:

George Soros and his ilk take a position and then very publicly come out so other people will pile on.

They don’t mean to let on what their investment strategy is but their broker is E.F.Hutton.*

*Obscure 1970s joke