Is it possible to get a specific cache of a website?

A website I go to just set up a promotion which I’ve fulfilled, then looking at the promotion screen an hour later the terms have been changed negatively. I’m not sure if they’ll honour it as the customer service is hard to reach, but is there any way to get a specific snapshot from the same day, just an hour ago?

The Wayback Machine might help but I don’t think anybody captures and archives web pages hourly.

Sounds like a potential scam site. Keep changing the requirements so they don’t have to provide anything promised.

Make sure your browser isn’t set to automatically update the page when you visit and check your cache. The old info may still be there if it was straight html. If it was dynamic like Javascript or PHP, pulling the info when you visited the page, it probably won’t be there.

PHP is all server-side. It’s still delivered to the viewer as straight HTML.

What good would a snapshot of the old version do you?

If they’re a scam site, they would just deny your snapshot, pointing out that anyone could take the HTML of their website and change it to show anything they want it to show. They’d say that is what you have done, and refuse to honor the promotion.

It’s an online casino and a reputable one, relatively speaking. However they have some poor customer support. My guess is they was no intention to “defraud”, it’s just that whoever put the original promotion up got a term wrong and they may or may not honour the original terms based on my word of what it originally said. People outside of first-line CSRs are ephemeral creatures who it’s almost impossible to nail down and there’s definitely a “closed wall” mentality whenever I ask about anything, so it’s unlikely that the agent would have the interest to actually pursue it to find who made the change and I’ll just tilt at windmills. An actual screenshot would be different.

I would bet big money that somewhere in their terms of service there’s a disclaimer that removes any obligation to honor promotions posted in error. Happens all the time with stores online and off. A handful of people may actually get the error promo/price before the error is discovered, but zero will get it once it’s corrected.

Here’s the terms and conditions for Golden Nugget online (my emphasis]:

Golden Nugget Casino reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this promotion at any time and for any reason, including technical reasons such as but not limited to computer viruses, bugs, tampering or technical failure.

Risk-free and low-risk bets on any games (i.e. betting in proportions on different outcomes in the same hand to create “action” with minimal or no risk) are considered abuse of the promotion and will null player’s participation.

Golden Nugget management reserves all rights to withdraw or change this promotion at any time.

Solid CYA on their part.