Is it possible to retrieve my Charter Member Tag?

I’ve been a constant fan of these boards forever, and made an account one day. Shortly thereafter, I became a charter member.

I’m in the military and was deployed* when I noticed my subscription had expired. When I re-subscribed, I noticed my charter member tag was gone. Is it possible to still remain a charter member?


*To South America - not the sand box this time.

Nope. Charter Membership is like virginity. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Damn… Can’t I be a born-again charter member?

Normally, the answer is no, as it should be. However, I wonder if an exception couldn’t be made in the case of someone like the OP, who is unable to renew on time due to putting his life on the line so that we have the freedom to even have this board at all.

My two cents, FWIW.

Not to turn this into a debate, but it’s debatable that any current American military deployment is protecting our internet freedoms.

I doubt that the mods will make an exception, they have been pretty hardline after the first year, but they may have a “support the troops” moment.

Probably not specifically, no, I’ll give you that. But without a military and people willing to serve in it, we certainly would likely not have the freedoms we often take for granted today.

We got us an AWAL Charter Member. Don’t know what the Mods will do, but there remains this possibility.

I’ll kick this over to Ed and Jerry.

I’m all for reinstatement but I’m not the one who has to do the actual work and in fact I have zero control over any of this.

However, if ever there was a case for reinstatement I think this is it.

This is also NOT an inducement for everyone else who messed up to get in line, so please don’t even try.

Not even for GODIVA?! :wink:

Not to derail the thread, but TubaDiva posted here! :cool: :smiley:

If it’s a big deal, don’t worry about it. The simple fact that SDMB participates in the GWOI (Global War on Ignorance) is consolation enough.

She must have had a heavy chocolate bribe. :wink:

OOOOOOOOOO :slight_smile: Does this mean…

Aw, damn. :frowning:

Not my fault my stupid computer broke a few weeks before my subscription was up.

Boooo!!! stupid computer.

Buck up people. You’re not a pariah if it says only Member, that honor is for BANNED. What’s the purpose of distinguishing something as special, if you don’t allow that designation to mean what it is meant to? Every time you allow an exception, the title means less for everybody that still has it and played by the rules.

?? I’m confused.

(I’ve also been out of town and have had sporadic internet access, still do. See you later.)

As I understand it, any administrator can change the words under a poster’s name, but the continued discount status is burried in a different part of the database, editable only by someone with direct access to the files. Which I think pretty much restricts it to Jerry, and it’s probably a lot of work even for him.

Lol. That was my attempt at ass-kissery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit, I couldn’t care less about the discount. I would just want to appear to be special again.



This might help.

ALL of our members are special.

The titles don’t really matter.

But if everyone is special…