Soo I'm not a Charter Member????

I joined in June 2001. I’m looking at other posters who joined after this and they are charter members… Did I miss something somewhere? Thanks in advance for any info - Cheers Phil

When did you renew?

Well I subscribed when we went to paid subscriptions - and I renewed this past year, albeit a month late however.

You only retain your Charter Member status while you mantain your paid subscription. Since you let it lapse, you lost your Charter status.


It’s okay - we still love you.


IIRC, there were a couple of beg-fests where people were able to get their charter status back. I also seem to recall that it is a bit of a chore for them to do it. How important is it too you? A well placed grovel may help your cause.

Most people who know me know I’m a charter member. If one day I log on and see it has been changed I’d be psyched! But if it doesn’t I’m not too bothered :slight_smile:

What a nice, balanced, philosophical viewpoint. :slight_smile:

That’ll be quite enough of that kind of talk.

Where’s your moral outrage?

Where’s your indignant attitude?

Where’s the harsh criticism of the mods and admins?

In Og’s name, where are the cursewords?

I don’t think you’ll fit in here very well at all, Phlosphr.


Given that this is not the BBQ Pit, it would seem that Phlosphr will not merely fit in, but avoid banning.

Phlosphr, have you been living in a cave recently? There were 2 or 3 threads in this forum not too long back where a lot of folks had a whine about this very dilemma (including me). The solution was to email a mod directly and explain the situation. Joy will then be delivered unto you in due course.

I emailed TubaDiva and she then greased the relevant palms for me.

We had quite a few folks who let the subscription renewal date come and go and realized pretty quickly they had screwed up. Ed and Jerry gave these people some leeway and let them come back as Charter Members (at full charge, since that part of it couldn’t be fixed).

However, all these changes had to be done manually throughout the system, a somewhat long and tedious job for someone who already has their hands full to begin with, so after doing several hundred of these, Jerry said, No More.

And that’s where it sits.

Unless there’s a change of heart from Jerry and Ed, once you lose your Charter Member status, that’s the end of the story.


your humble TubaDiva

That’ll teach me for trying to be a smartass.

Thanks for the clarification O’Wise Diva…

And again, I ain’t cry’in. I just appreciate the clarifications. :slight_smile:

Well, for this, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

She also helped me. I’m poor folk but finally found someone to sponser me, albiet
a couple days past the deadline. Tuba understood and took care of it…
“Charter Member” is fine but I always look at the join date to form any opinion of the poster.

Somehow, it doesn’t seem fair that I didn’t get a month to try the “new all-paid membership” boards like every other “guest” (since Thou Shalt Not Sock) but I also don’t get to be a Charter Member. I’d like to add my “WAAH!” to the list, please.

Oh well, I basically paid $15 to keep my post count and user name. Quite a deal if you look at it that way.


A classic If-by-whiskey =)