Soo I'm not a Charter Member????

Ah well. :smack:

But, I’m getting to do my extra little bit supporting the board, so.

Yes. It’s always important to remember that there is no “i” in Phlosphr. He’s a true team player.

It puzzles me that anyone cares whether they are listed as a Charter Member or not. I don’t take this into account in judging posts or posters. Who does???

But it’s looooong. Like it would really nifty if I could be a “Member of the Squadron of Flying Squirrels” or such.

Just ignore me.

Do charter members who lapsed for a day or two retain the renewel benefits, or are we stuck paying full price for the rest of our stay here?
Just curious, DESK

You’re fine. I think someone, however, needs to uninstall Stick-in-the-Butt 1.0 and download Sense O’ Humor 2.0 instead.

IANQED, but I believe you are stuck.
Maybe you missed this in the quote of Tuba’s you posted:

Being that the reduced rate is part of being a Charter Member, so it looks like, change of hearts aside, you are indeed fixed in at the full price.

Just curious, but what does this mean? Just because someone discovered the board afew years earlier than someone else doesn’t mean their opinion is any less valid or less worthy of attention.

Their opinion on what? General knowledge, their specific expertise? Of course not. The culture of the SDMB and nuances of the rules? Someone who’s been here longer and/or posted more (which generally implies reading more) DOES know more about the specifics of posting and reading here.

P.S. I can think of an obvious counter to this argument of mine, but this postscript is too small to contain it.

As of the date of this posting, August 8, 2005:

If a lapsed Charter Member got their status changed back to “Charter Member,” they’re again eligible for renewal at Charter Member rates. If they didn’t get in under the wire, probably not.

Now I have no way of knowing what might be coming down the road when it gets to renewal time, it’s possible this could change, but right now, if you didn’t regain Charter Member status right after you originally lost it, you’re probably out of luck.


your humble TubaDiva

I almost lost my charter member status because I went to South Africa as well as had computer problems during the time payment was due. I’m one of those that got my charter member classification back, but had to pay the higher fee. It is my understanding that the lower fee will apply next time, but if not so be it.

I don’t look at whether someone is a charter member or not, but it is an indication that you have been able to remain quasi-nonjerkish for a prolonged period. Those that can claim the title of 99er are entitled to be proud of being a member of a unique group, after all.

Somehow I get a feeling that “I represent that remark.” :o

Anyway, I will always think of Phlosphr as a charter member in good standing. Maybe this all could be cleared up by sending Ed a box of chocolates.