Is it the end of the year or do celebs die thru out it?

Carrie Fisher
George Michael

Too many dying too young!!

They die all the time, but 2016 seemed particularly bad.

2016 celebrity deaths

Have you been asleep straight through since you joined last year?

Well yeah.


It wasnt really serious, really. Just seems like so many die in the last few weeks of the year. What’s more is that I posted because I did not see any other thread about them which really surprised me.

Celebrity death threads are often in Cafe Society. We hear more news in general around the holidays due to being off work or off school, generally not as busy away from media as we usually are.

Best place to look is in the Death Pool thread in The Game Room. We stay up on things like that because we want our points, dammit!

Yeah, and news media hypes croaking celebrities because there’s generally a lot less news overall and they need fill.

For awhile it looked like there was going to be a 24-hour Craig Sager post-mortem channel. :dubious:

I saw a recent article about this:

Basically, there is a distinct spike in deaths between Christmas & New Years, and it occurs in the southern hemisphere as well as the northern hemisphere, although the southern hemisphere’s spike is not quite as pronounced (and the graph in the article is from data collected in Australia, which shows how much cold weather affects the death rate)