Is it time for a small Mornington Crescent frolic?

I don’t know, maybe it’s the proliferation of sex, masturbation and orgasm threads on the board at the moment (mostly started by me), but I feel as though a good game of Mornington Crescent may be in order.

It’s good clean fun, it doesn’t involve anything TMI (please, no puns on deep level stations), and it helps to relieve stress.

As it has been a while, we probably need to clarify the rules. In the interest of continuity, I would suggest we use the guidelines set down by Tapioca Dextrin here, as a starting point. Parson’s Clause would ordinarily apply, but I’m doubtful as to it’s validity, seeing as we’re playing on a message board.

In the interests of fair play, can we get a few players to sort out the coupling / shunting guidelines? We all know what happened last time, and lest said about the Camden loop, the better. The issue of MC peccadillo is, as yet, in limbo, however we can use Kinsey’s Ruling to settle any crossover arguments.

Can we play Édouard-Montpetit (the French-Canadian variant)?

Sure, Matt. I’m not sure how many teams you need for that, though. I’m just trying to find the latest edition of Semilion’s Manual, to confirm the groupings (not easy… what is the latest revision, anyway?!). From what I can recall, isn’t it rather restrictive regarding double-tracking?

Well, yes, but the player who calls Lionel-Groulx can cross-platform if s/he’s continuing up- or downtown.

Can we have the trains fly, and if so, are they also capable of travelling in time.

No flying trains. No travelling in time. In this game we obey the laws of physics!

Anyone prepared to nominate an MC for the first play?

blue lightning flashes as train lands at station

Libertarian, I’ve come back to warn you! Whatever you do, don’t make the first move; the consequences could be disastrous!

I’m sorry, that must be me from an alternate future where the trains can fly and time-travel. So he should, like, be on a different team or something.

On second thought, we’re going to fly to 2004 where the Olsen twins are 18. Later suckahs!

Can I start with a non treatening choice, suitable for plyers of all abilties?

Parsons Green


jjimm - You may be an Englishman but you ain’t no Londoner :smiley:

Camberwell, eh. Give the problems that might arise from the newly introduced congestion charge, I’ll invoke skirts which leads me inexorably to Hainault.

Hey! What happened to the French-Canadian rules? You’re off your rockers. I’m calling **Jean-Drapeau.

Vb coding error = loss of turn. Sorry, them’s the rules. I don’t make ''em. Oh, wait :smiley:

I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t…

Oh dear. :eek: Should I withdraw? Will this negate Tapioca’s move?

If this round of play skips Tapioca, then will I be able to recall his double black toddy on Ipswitch so that it reverts to a Bergen bid on my move through the Monument/Bank combination? I would never make that play unless I could be sure that matt wouldn’t declare poltroon lock until he’d completed a directionally legal contract move on the North Line, but the possibilities were laid wide open after the precedent setting match of Jouber v. Nelson in 1992.

Hah. You fell right into my trap!

I invoke the current-chopper tail track rule! You left yourself wide open.

Multivariable full-bore assault: Jean-Talon, Eglinton West, Plaza de España, Paral.lel, Plentzia, Chardon-Lagache, and Cathedral Parkway-110 Street. So there.

And no butcher-backs; I remind you tail track means MR-63s for the next three turns.

Not when you’ve so foolishly left an odd-station loop over the last 2 turns. Once I invoke the the Norton-Dimpsey trading protocol I"ll be exempt- I do hope Tapioca has as good a plan to face the MR-63’s…