Is it weird to take solo vacations?

I only have one question for you about these affairs with married women who just had a fight with their husbands.

What’s the name of the resort?

Yeah, seriously. I’m essentially solo at several resorts every year (not for vacations but for business trips) and I have NEVER met anyone because there are no women who come alone, and apparently I am really bad at identifying marital strife.

Not weird. I used to travel alone a lot in my late teens and twenties. It was the ultimate feeling of freedom and discovery. Now that I’m fully domesticated I prefer to hang out with my wife and daughters, with whom I feel I have previous few years left before they prefer not to hang out with the old folks. I’ve gone off alone a few times but I don’t really enjoy it the way I used to. After the initial rush I end up missing them and wanting to go home.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I’ve done it myself and had a great time. In fact, I usually try to mix things up so that if I do go on vacation, I stay by myself but then I meet friends or whatever for part of the time. I’ve had people say this is weird but I guess I don’t really care that it’s weird or whatever. It makes me feel refreshed, and it’s not hurting anyone, so I do it anyway.

I agree. When my favourite band reunited I got myself a ticket to their concert in Cleveland. So many conversations went like this:

Someone: “Oooh, can’t you get someone to go with you? I’m worried about you traveling alone!”

Me: “Are you freakin kidding me? This is my lifelong dream - I don’t want someone tagging along on my dream.”

I ended up having an awesome time and a security guard at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame took me out for lunch the next day. He said “So tell me, why did you do this trip alone? Why didn’t you bring a friend with you?” and I replied, “Do you honestly think I’d be sitting here having lunch with you if I’d brought a friend with me?” He was like, “Well, noooo…” and I said “Precisely.”

I’m very happily married now and my husband and I LOVE traveling together. But we still take off by ourselves if there’s something one wants to do and the other doesn’t. It’s not even an issue.

So, don’t be coy… how much action did you get? :slight_smile:

I’ve done it. Somethings are better, and some things are not. It is a good way to meet people if you have an outgoing type of personality.

One of my best trips ever, a six-week trip driving and camping around the western U.S., was solo. The friend who’d been going to go with me backed out two days before we were planning to depart, and to this day I’m extremely glad I didn’t let that deter me from going.

I don’t think it’s weird. I spend most of my time alone, and if I took a vacation, it would certainly be by myself.

I do it, and would do it more often if hotels/tours didn’t discriminate against the solo traveler. Well, “discriminate” is a strong word, but everything is priced based on double occupancy, so you’re really kind of screwed financially if you don’t have a companion traveler and don’t want a randomly assigned roommate, Club Med style.

None that I remember. But I only remember about 15 minutes’ worth of my trip, so hopefully a lot.

One of my fondest fantasies is a solo vacation. Maybe when the kids grow up…

I did Club Med once, and I purposely paid extra for the “no roommate” option. It was worth every penny.

Come to think of it, my husband has gone on trips without me too. Sometimes it’s an extension of a conference or something, and he’ll take a few days extra o explore by himself, and sometimes there’s someplace that he wants to go, but I can’t get the time off (or, more realistically, I’m not interested enough to make the effort to organize everything to be away for an extended time).

He goes and has a great time, I have the house to myself and have a great time, it’s a win all 'round :slight_smile:

Heh. The Beach and Tennis Club in Jamaica (i forget the longer name, but you’d know it). It was a freaky, once in a lifetime kinda situation that fell into my lap. :smiley:

Almost all the vacations that I’ve taken as an adult have been solo. If you are already accustomed to doing a lot of stuff alone, it will not be too weird. But yeah, some people will think you are weird for doing it. These people would rather not go anywhere yet talk about how one day they will see X, Y, Z than actually do it right now, when they have the disposable income, good health and mobility, and no children or obligations. Some people are afraid to be adventurous.

There are certainly advantages to traveling with someone else. But vacationing alone definitely has its benefits too. Ideally, one should experience both IMHO.

Not weird. Some of my favorite and memorable trips have been solo. Hiking up to the top of Clouds Rest in Yosemite and staying the night under the stars. Drive around the western US and sleeping in the back of my pickup. Solo 6 week journey doing the backpacker thing in Europe. Cycling down the west coast of the US for two weeks.

Of course, I have some favorite and memorable trips with other people, and my family, too. It is good to mix things up. One thing that stands out, tho, is the more people you have on your trip, the more compromises you need to make. Added safety and company has it’s price.

For my Europe trip, I was supposed to go with a couple of buddies the summer prior, but I ended up getting a “real” job and they went off and had a great time hammering the wall in Berlin and bringing me chips as a souvenier. The next summer the job was over, and I thirsted for my trip to Europe, and made it happen a couple years later from saving and planning. You have to be motivated and determined to travel alone, but it made me more apt to striking up conversations with people - when I am with others, that happens not as much.

Does vacationing to visit a friend count as a “solo” vacation or not?

In any case, I don’t think vacationing by yourself is weird at all. It can be convenient, especially if you can’t find a friend or relative which has the time or money to go with you.

I like both solo and “together” vacations.

Or walk the railroads of Wales…just 'cause I wanna. Unfortunately I didn’t do this before I got married, and now that I am, it may be difficult to get my husband on board with it. I don’t think he ‘gets’ liking to be alone.

I much prefer solo travel. My personal theory of travel is that for each person you travel with, you give up 10% of your vacation to mismatched ideas of what’s fun, different budget expectations, etc.

My preferred travel is long backpacking journeys with no particular itinerary. I tend to meet people at hostels or backpackers guesthouses who are headed my way, and we’ll travel together for part of the journey. I’ve met some really interesting people that way. But I think the best thing about solo travel is that it makes it easier for you to meet local people. Rather than talking to your companion all the time, you get a little push to talk to more locals, and this can lead to some really neat things- invitations to eat dinner in people’s homes and stuff like that.

Not weird at all to me, I’m another frequent solo traveler. Wish I had started earlier. Heck, there are whole sites and blogs dedictated to improving the solo travel experience.

Like others have said, being able to just do what I want when and how I want to and freeform it is part of what makes it a break from the normal.