Is it weird to take solo vacations?

I just took my first solo weekend vacation…ever, like a few weeks ago. On balance, I liked it - while it’s certainly nice to have a travel partner, it’s also nice to do whatever you want or change plans on a whim. I’m single and I wasn’t there for an event or anything like that, so I didn’t invite any friends.

Anyway, I told this to someone and she seemed super weirded-out. I didn’t think it was that big a deal. Was I wrong? I don’t love eating at restaurants alone or anything like that, but the notion that if you don’t have a companion you shouldn’t go anywhere kind of strikes me as a little odd. However, FWIW, my own sister does think it’s weird, so I’m open to lying next time. Really liked her too. Sucks.

I do it all the time. As a matter of fact, I prefer it. I also eat out in restaurants and go to events by myself all the time. I don’t see why people think you absolutely have to drag someone with you everywhere or you just can’t go anywhere. I think it’s a stupid attitude.

Never thought of it as weird in the least. While most my vacations have been with someone else, I generally prefer to travel alone, and not subject someone else to my whims and my general non-planning nature. I traveled by myself for a few months when I was 20/21 and it was awesome.

I went through a five or so year period where I vacationed solo, by choice. A couple of cruises, a Caribbean trip, and a driving trip were some of my best vacations ever.

I haven’t done any full-on vacations like to a resort in Cabo or anything (with or without a partner) but I’ve taken plenty of road trips by myself, stayed in hotels by myself and even flown by myself. Two of my recent vacations were sort of joint - I went with someone else but they had other commitments so I spent most of the time doing tourist-y stuff by myself. It was just fine.

On both trips I even made new friends! In San Francisco I befriended an Australian girl who was also traveling alone. In Seattle I met with needscoffee and Johnny LA for lunch and a tour. It’s a good excuse to meet Dopers! :slight_smile:

I always feel kinda sorry for people who are so dependent that they can’t eat out or go traveling on their on. It’s a seriously bizarre attitude toward life IMO. I even have one friend who will lament that she can’t see a new movie that’s coming out because noone else wants to see it. WTF? You can’t even talk during a movie!! Just GO!

Very few people in the US want to go to Dublin and search the back alleys for used book shops, or stand in line for 3-second glimpse of the Book of Kells. Why would I drag an unwilling sidekick through a bunck of stuff only I want to do?

It’s just silly.

I do sometimes feel sorry for married couples who take separate vacations; but more because it’s sad that they don’t like the same things - I’m still glad that they are not wasting their lives whining about being “unable” to go.

I woudl love to hear from anyone who thinks it’s weird; why on Earth?

I guess if your single it makes sense. I know people who did the single cruise and Club Med type thing and enjoyed it. If you don’t need structured activities seems like you have a world of choices. I didn’t think of it this way, but back in my single days I would hop on my motorcycle and tour the country for days or weeks, I guess that’s the same thing, always enjoyed it.

I have a friend who goes on a solo vacation every year. Her husband does the same. I thought it was a bit weird but she really seems to enjoy it. As someone who’s never taken a vacation really, I’m slightly jealous of people who get to do it every year, solo or not.

Every time I travel with somebody else, or on a group tour, I’m reminded of why it’s better alone. No, it’s not weird. Yes, some people will think it’s weird. Tough. I’m too old to care.

Indeed. Better to meet the people there, doing those things, that are also into them!

I’m about to embark on my yearly ‘alone’ vacation. I’ve done this trip every year for the last 15 or so, and while it’s not truly alone (I meet up with friends who live in a different state) my husband never goes, and as a group we are all ok with tootling off periodically to do our own things.

Actually, the best part of the trip may be the first 36 hrs or so. I head out a day earlier than everyone else, so I have the 5 hr drive there, some wander time at the venue, then dinner and hotel etc all to myself. The next morning, I get up when I want, eat breakfast where I want, and have most of the day to be alone in a crowd watching horses and doing some shopping, and just…being. It really is utter heaven.

Interesting…appreciate the responses so far. Maybe this is one of those things that you can enjoy but you’re not supposed to admit to women that you do. Like masturbation or watching full episodes of 80s cartoons on Youtube.

Before I was married, I would travel by myself (e.g. New York, D.C., London). I kind of prefer exploring a big city by myself; my preferred pace isn’t necessarily my wife’s preferred pace, and my preferred attractions aren’t necessarily my wife’s preferred attractions. Not to mention that travelling by myself means I won’t end up arguing with my wife when I inevitably get lost! :slight_smile:

On the other hand, going to a resort by myself sounds like it would be boring.

Come on back!

I’m at a crossroads in life and plan on doing this within the next year.

I just want to load up an e-reader and go lie on a beach somewhere. (In February)

Not weird. I wouldn’t do it personally, because I live on a tight budget. But it’s definitely not weird. Unless I have someone I want to share the experience with, I’m happy enough to save the cash and do a solo staycation instead. But if money were no object, I’d definitely vacation alone.

I’ll have my second ever, week long staycation, next week. Husband goes with the kid to his mom in Spain, i stay home and have a week off from work. I loooooove it.

The only reason not to go alone on a vacation , is that you migt get sick or injured and not have someone to help. But otherwise?

I always had great luck soloing at a resort. I’d meet a single woman, or a local, or a married woman who just had a huge fight with her husband and planned to divorce him when they went home.

I do it all the time, which may mean I’m weird.

You do have to be able to entertain yourself during the down times and be somewhat self reliant. But you don’t have the added stress of trying to find a happy medium on what to do and when and how when everyone has different priorities and likes.

My husband and I do this all the time. We also take vacations together.

At least once a year I go off on my own so that I can have time alone to travel at my own pace and not have to be concerned about anyone else’s preferences or comfort.

My husband travels a lot, and sometimes he goes to places that he finds interesting but that I don’t. For example, several years ago he went to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with a couple of other guys. I might have liked seeing the area, but had no interest in the camping out and physical difficulty of the activity.

Likewise, sometimes I just want to hang out near the beach and do absolutely nothing. My husband wants to be on the go and doing stuff every day.

Another time I went to see a total solar eclipse at sea near French Polynesia, on a boat. He would have been seasick most of the time.

So, no, not weird at all. Respecting each other’s needs is important. Maybe one of the reasons we’ve been married almost 50 years.