Is kitchen appliance ownership directly or indirectly proportional to dating success?

Is kitchen appliance ownership directly or indirectly proportional to dating success?

Inquiring minds . . .

Hmm. I don’t own any kitchen appliances, and I can’t get a date. Clearly, there is a connection. That’s a relief. Now that I know this, I can give up on bathing and spend my soap money on a cuisenart. Look out ladies, here I come!

may interest some chicks for a little while

Owning them, no. Knowing how to use them, on the other hand, can be a very big plus. :smiley:

Hmmm…It depends.

When I first met my husband, he was an atrocious cook. He also owned one appliance only (a rice cooker). I love to cook, I love to eat good food, and I love kitchen appliances. Were we a mismatch? Not really. He liked to cook and was interested in getting better. He liked my kitchen appliances, and wanted to learn to use them. He also was just out of college, and hadn’t had a “real” apartment on his own yet, so he didn’t have much kitchenware save a decent set of pots.

Now, almost 6 years later, he has become a fabulous cook, and we share many many wonderful kitchen appliances.

So, from my own case, I conclude that it is not the raw number of appliacnces, but a shared interest in appliances that determines the success of the nascent relationship.

That said:

If I were to find myself back in the dating pool, and I were to meet some guy who was presumably about my age (30) and I were to visit his apartment and find a lack of fine kitchen accoutrements, I would conclude that I didn’t have much in common with the guy.

On the other hand, if I were to find a well-stocked kitchen with:
–Good pots & pans
–Excellent knives
–A full complement of herbs and spices, etc.
–At least a few well-chosen appliances
I would be far more interested in said guy.
In conclusion, I would say that dating success would be directly proportional to kitchen appliance ownership in general.

Me: Female, 26, married once.

I own:
Rice cooker
electric skillet/frypan thingy (about 18" across)
Good set steak knives
Three canisters full of kitchen utensils, including heat resistant spatulas, tongs, wisks, and whatall

The Corr-friend has:
One skillet
Two saucepans, both non-stick (a plus)

For heaven’s sakes…I’m dating a guy with no bread knife! But he eats my cooking. And doesn’t complain about it. In fact, he’s rather impressed. I think I’ll keep him.


Hmm, lets see…I have a rice cooker, a microwave, and a stick blender. That’s it for small appliances (as I understand the OP to be referring to).

I have a very few knives; a 8" Chicago Cutlery chefs’ knife that is at least 40 years old if not more, a Grand Prix 8" meat slicer, a paring knife, and some steak knives. I use the Chefs knife for 80-85% of my cutting tasks.

I do have lots of spices, condiments and basic ingredients. I simply dont see the need for most of the gadgets that are out there. For instance, I dont think I will ever get a KitchenAid mixer. I can make dough, mix ingredients, and most other tasks that it is used for quicker and with less to clean up. I dont mind the work.

I could get more but I dont really need more, there is precious little I can’t make in my kitchen as it is.

Mike–are you flirting with me??

But seriously–the Kitchen Aid is a wonderful thing. I agree that it is not necessary to a well-appointed kitchen, but it sure is nice. Now that I’ve gotten used to having mine, I’d never want to do without it.

As much as I’d like to, I was not in fact flirting;)
See I have this thing about flirting with people who are married or in relationships- I just can’t do it.
Although your knowledge of power tools is quite attractive:)
Hmm, perhaps that should go in the “unusual things that are sexy” thread instead…
[sub]jarbabyj is an exception because I know her husband well enough and he knows I am only playing[/sub]

Back to the OP, I will grant that for some limited things, like making big batches of sough or batters, the KA may be a good thing, I just dont at the current time see a need for it.

Plus where the heck do you put it? I have this problem all the time at work, customer gets or has one, doesn’t want it showing, but doesn’t want to give up an entire cabinet to house the bloody thing!

Before reading this thread, I had assumed it was an inverse relationship.


Rice cooker
Food Processor
Coffee Maker
Coffee Grinder
Espresso Maker

After a year and a half without a date, I’ve got to have something to occupy my time.

Funny you should say that…when I met my husband, he was definitely interested in me. But when he saw my power tool collection, he said “I gotta get this girl!” Funny how I was able to turn the guy’s head with nothing more exotic than an ordinary corded drill and a circular saw…glad I met him when he was still young and impressionable.

Anyway, I keep my Kitchen Aid right on the counter. In plain view! :eek:

What is it that you do, anyway?

I’ve got a 27 cubic foot refrigerator with filtered water through the door, and a monster Amana oven with a ceramic cooking surface.

Love life – nearly nonexistent.

On Thanksgiving I took a day off work and visited Grand Marais in the USA, where I picked up a waffle iron made in 1908. A real hum dinger of a cast iron appliance.

When declaring it at the border, I waxed prosaic about it to the customs clerk. Then afterward, I got to wondering, why was I blathering on about an old waffle iron when I could have been flirting with the clerk.

Perhaps I should place an ad in the singles section of the paper: “Have waffle iron, will travel.”

I’m in the process of divorce, and I am getting the kitchen appliances. These include:


[li] One Kitchen-Aid stand mixer (the smaller version, not the full-size)[/li][li] A food processor (a necessity when you have no dexterity, as I sure as heck don’t)[/li][li] A blender[/li][li] And a bunch of other stuff[/li]

As y’all can probably tell, I love to cook, and I find the appliances to be a HUGE help. I can’t wait to get them!


Once again proving that it’s not how a guy is equipped, but how much he knows how to do with his equipment, that makes him sexy. :wink:

I forgot to mention that I’m in a long-distance relationship with Airman Doors, USAF. I can make him nice home-cooked meals when he’s here on leave. :slight_smile:


Appliances in my kitchen:

[li] Stove[/li]
[li] Refrigerator[/li]
[li] Toaster[/li]
[li] Hand blender[/li]
[li] Coffee grinder[/li]
[sup](We’ll not count my found-on-the-streetcorner Kitchen Aide mixer, as I have yet to get all the components and press it into service.)[/sup]
Equipment in my kitchen:

[li] Knife block[/li]
[li] Four story spice rack[/li]
[li] Various cutting boards[/li]
[li] Extensive Le Cruset and cast iron collection[/li]
[li] Insane variety of garlic presses and other small gadgets[/li]
[li] Large assortment of Ecko Flint ware utensils[/li]I am an adherent of Jaques Pepin’s view that one should be able to work without all the specialized electic gadgets and such. Into that group I lump microwaves and food processors. Once I have some children I may change my views on the last two. Until then, I find it far more rewarding to work my ingredients by hand. Like Alice Waters, I feel that maintaining close contact with your food as it is cooked gives you the best opportunity to succeed.

As to dating; let’s just say that there has never been a woman in my life who was not seduced to some degree by my culinary abilities. A fine home cooked four course meal at a well set, candlelit table with a bottle of iced Champagne seems to have a certain (highly desirable) effect on the fairer sex.

While magnitude of equipment may not be critical to satisfactory performance, a substantial inventory of it used in a resourceful fashion can obtain spectacular results. Once again, I also maintain that getting those aformention spectacular results without electric gadgets is by far more satisfying.

That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me on this board:) I think I may have a sig there somewhere…
Oh and Green Bean? I am the production manager for a high end kitchen design/build firm here in Chicago so I am in charge of pretty much everythiung once a project is signed for, from ordering, to the remodeling and installation to collecting money ( the most important part:))

No I am not trying to sell anything so please, don’t worry about the link. I do not sell to friends or family.

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I honestly prefer a guy to have almost no kitchen appliances. I like guys sort of “in the raw”; that is, in a state of arrested adolescence regarding a complete “household”.

I seriously like the idea of a guy eating junk food over the sink, or chewing on old pizza while he surfs the net or something. I feel that if a guy is too particular about homey stuff, decorating or “gourmet” cooking, he’s going to be a bit too uptight and persnickety for me. If I’m going to hang out on a long-term basis with a man, I’d rather handle the “homey/nesting” stuff. My honest assessment is that you can only domesticate men to a certain point… beyond which, they might as well be your girlfriend. I like a guy who will put up a bit of a fight about hanging curtains. I guess I just prefer some dissonance or resistance or something. Maybe that’s odd, but it works for me. I want to date somebody different enough from me to be interesting!

So: I guess no kitchen appliances for the opposite sex (in a dating situation) would be my vote.

Zenster - some might disagree and insist that the use of electric gadgets are essential to attaining those spectacular results. We might be really good with the skills god gave us but for some, that will never be enough. :slight_smile:

The only electric appliance I have ever purchased was my coffee grinder. Until I met Lola I didn’t even own an electric coffee maker but would boil water and use a Melitta basket.

My lack of appliances didn’t deter Lola and she discovered that not only can I cook in the kitchen, I can “cook” in other rooms of the house too.

Now, with my SIL living here we have every appliance known to man. I rarely ever touch them except for the occasional use of the food processor.

Give me my 6" Gerber chef’s knife and I am a human food processor.