What is your favorite appliance in your home?

So SD, What is your favorite appliance that you are using in your home? Coffee maker, dryer, juicer, what?

I have a deep emotional relationship with my potato peeler.
Does that help?

Toaster, on bagel setting.

Rice cooker.

Define “appliance”. Do TVs and computers count?

My Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker. It has cute little feet. It sings a little song when it finishes its job. It’s easy to clean and easy to put away. It makes tasty rice. It’s pretty much a pleasure to use in every way.

Nice to see you talking about other stuff, Earth. :slight_smile: For me, it’d be the microwave for it’s sheer bulk in heavy lifting so much. I can no longer imagine living without it.

My KitchenAid stand mixer. I have a very well equipped kitchen, but the Christmas I opened that box, I hugged it. That was almost five years ago. I still love it and use it several times a week. In fact, I am going to make these tonight.

your fooling yourself. that relationship is only skin deep.

My favorite is my instant-hot water heater, on weekends, letting me make coffee without spending the time microwaving the water.

My coffee grinder. It’s a red Krups model I bought circa 1986, still works perfectly, and I use it almost every day.

My favorite appliance right now is the air conditioner.

Fridge. As long as I have electricity, and/or the ability to make fire, I can prepare food and coffee, wash myself, stay sufficiently warm or cool depending on the season, and continue my deep relationship with various screens. But without my fridge, food will spoil quickly in summer or freeze in winter. And I won’t have half-and-half for my morning coffee.

Easy. Thermador pro gas range. Love.

Vitamix. Love that thing.

You are today’s winner of the internet.

My breadmaker. At last I can have a decent tasting loaf of gluten-free bread without having to drive nearly 50 miles r/t to the store.

My rice cooker. It is the first model rice cooker ever to be sold. My dad bought it in Japan in 1957 and I still use it about once a week. Someone else has the same one and wrote about it here:


My water heater. Oh Yeah Baby. (Its a guy thingy.)