Is Les Claypool in The Residents?

A co-worker of mine claims that a friend of his told him that Primus bassist Les Claypool is one of the mysterious Residents. I have my doubts, but on the other hand, there’s not much to be gained by lying about knowing who The Residents are.

Just thought I’d throw this one out to the masses.

I’ve been a Residents fan for many years. And I’m 100% sure Les Claypool is NOT one of them.

Those of us who have followed the Residents over the years know “who they are.” It’s really no big mystery.

One of those sites (the had a note on Primus in their collaborations sections. Apparently Primus has collaborated with the Residents, and they acknowledge an influence, and have a reference or two in their songs. My unsubstantiated feeling is that this might rule Les out as an active member (perhaps your friend was just a bit off?), but as there have been over 40 members or something, who knows.

You mean the Residents were influenced by Primus? Perhaps, but I would bet (in reality) it was the other way around! Les was probably in grade school when the Residents came out with their first album.

Well. Considering I saw him perform with the Residents after the MacWorld Expo, I kinda doubt it.

I meant the other way around, dammit. Darn them pronouns!

Frankly, I somewhat amazed Les Claypool even has a recording contract. I find his music to be weird-for-the-sake-of-weird, with little or no depth. The Residents, by contrast, are highly underrated musical geniuses. Few modern composers can hold a candle to their seemingly limitless levels of creativity and ingenuity.

Primus is only ok, I can understand how you would think that. however I do think that Les Claypool has shown some great work when he’s collaborated with Buckethead, or Mike Patton, his new group “The flying frog brigade” is pretty good too.

What? When did he collaborate with Patton?
I’ve barely been able to find an interview where the two as much as mention each other. (They seem to be on good terms though)

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So … wow. A thread that I started in the very infancy of my time here, just weeks after I finally took the plunge. It reminds me how kinda fun it was to come here and rely on the collective Doper wisdom for answers to random questions such as this. I mean, these days, if I wanted to find out some information about the Residents, I would just zip on over to Wikipedia and slake my thirst for knowledge all by my lonesome.