Pixies and Primus

I was just listening to a local radio spot for The Pixies concert coming up in a few weeks here in KC.

They played clips of a couple of songs, and then they played a clip of “My name is Mudd”, by Primus, and then another Pixies clip.

Now, I’m positive that it was Les Claypool singing and bassing it up on the Primus clip. I have the album from whence it comes. What I can’t figure out is why there was a Primus clip played during the commerical.

Primus isn’t playing that night, according to Ticketmaster.com. It’s just The Pixies.

Am I missing some sort of special Primus / Pixies connection? I’m a casual Primus fan, but I’d go see them in concert, especially at the Uptown (a really cool venue). I wouldn’t go see the Pixies, as I’m not especially a fan.

Did someone just screw up? Is someone messing with my mind? Is there some secret Primus/Pixies/Illuminati connection of which, to this point, I was not aware?

Should I kill my radio?

There is no god but Les Claypool, and the Pixies are his prophets.

SO, they are out to get me… ah ha.

BTW, did you catch the Pixies new single, “Bam Thwok,” available from iTunes?
Fun song. And it’s got Kim Deal singing!