Is life really easy for some?

Obviously people born in Sub Saharan Africa in extreme poverty have probably the hardest lives today along with those in Syria.

But what about kids born in wealthy countries into middle class/rich families who appreciate what they have, use their resources effectively to get a job, house, friends and still content with what they have. Wouldn’t that be an “easy” life?

I don’t buy into the phrase “No one has it easy”. Having a privileged life makes things very easy and if you taking control of your life then life can be a walk in the park.

What do you think?

I disagree. Being born to wealthy parents gives you more opportunities in life, but it’s up to you to spot them, take them, and make the most of them. Rich children can still fail. They may have a lower chance of failure, but it’s still there.

I don’t see you disagreeing with the OP here. Sure being born to a wealthy family isn’t a guarantee for success but there are certainly people who have it relatively easy. I wasn’t even born into wealth and I feel like I’ve had an easy life. I’ve never had any great misfortune, I’ve been able to get a well paying job with a great lifestyle without having to put much effort into anything. I’ve been lucky at times and I’ve been able to make the most of some opportunities with minimal effort. The only “wealth” I needed was a $20,000 loan to set me off on my career. That was at a time when I wouldn’t have been able to get such a loan myself so my Mum mortgaged her house and lent me the money. All paid back now.

“Is life really easy for some?” Yep.
“No one has it easy.” Disagree, some people have it easy.

I suppose we’d have to come up with an objective standard for “easy”.

Subjectively, though, I feel like I’ve had it pretty easy in life.

Do some people have it easier than others? Well, yeah, that kind of follows from some people having it more fucked up than others.

But that doesn’t mean that those people in the OP who get the advantages and then make the right choices are making those choices more easily that the people who get the advantages and proceed to fuck up.

Since no one escapes things like loss of your parents, rejection of jobs/lovers, and since illness can strike anyone or their children, infirmity comes for us all, tragic accidents happen everyday, I don’t believe anyone has it ‘easy’.

There is a spiritual take on this, and yes some people have a very easy life, others very hard, and that has to do with their spiritual position and mission in life and much less the part of the world or the social economic class they are born into. The easy way is a way of blessings meeting needs, not worldly abundance, but kindnesses and good happenings coordinating with one’s life. These people are truly rich and live rich lives though they may have very little in terms of assets or income. They receive automatic favor from those around them, people desire to give to them from their heart, to the point that it even overrides their minds and thoughts on it.

This state of being is closer to the divine picture of the entire human family, how we all are to be towards each other, and how easy our lives can be, sometimes called the family or kingdom of God which is hear around and within us all today.

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ETA: yeah, like kanicbird said.

Yes, when it comes to acquiring the basics (food, shelter, clothing), these folks certainly have it easy.

But there’s that old Bible saying “To whom much is given, from him much is expected.” Society expects more from the well-to-do than the unfortunate, and trying to meet those expectations makes life more difficult.

This past weekend I went to my nephew’s high school graduation. It was a prestigious private school. As each kid accepted his or her diploma, the speaker announced which college/university they were attending. Even at a really good public school, there is always some small number of kids who aren’t interested or capable of going to college immediately after HS. But not at my nephew’s school. I don’t consider myself a snob. I feel fortunate that my nephew is simply alive and well. But you better believe I was proud when they announced the somewhat prestigious university he’d been accepted into. It would be disappointing for him not to aim high, considering all the investment everyone has put into him.

My nephew probably doesn’t have to worry about being homeless or working at McDonald’s for the rest of his life, while these are realistic worries for someone who grew up in poverty. But people don’t experience self-satisfaction by avoiding worst case scenarios. They tend to find it through meeting or surpassing the expectations that they’ve been raised under.

I’m sure my one BIL thinks we have it easy. But we chose real majors in college rather than going to an unaccredited Bible college getting a worthless degree. We did our jobs in accordance with what our bosses wanted instead of refusing to do things because we disagreed, thereby being fired from 4 successive jobs. When things didn’t go our way, we didn’t blame “affirmative action” and “they get special treatment” and whatever other whiny excuses he had. We followed our doctor’s guidance and took medication as necessary rather than deciding that we couldn’t possibly have that condition so we’d do whatever we wanted. And we never expected anyone to give us anything - we planned and worked for what we wanted.

We were able to retire before 60 and he’s on disability, but we’ve had it easy. Yeah.

Unless you are a Buddhist.

Easy is a relative term. For example, ask a Second Grader to do some basic algebra it will probably be impossibly hard, ask a college math or science student, it’s ridiculously easy. Similarly, just looking at people I know in my life, I know some people who, compared to me, have it rough, whether due to their own machinations or accident of circumstance is really irrelevant here, and some who seem to have it much easier. Typically, compared to others, their lives are easier in some ways and harder in others, and often, the things I struggle with might be trivial for someone else and vice versa. It’s amusing to me when someone even makes those sorts of comparisons, especially when it’s like “man, this is so hard!” and my thought is “I’d take that situation over my comparable one in a heartbeat”. Nonetheless, I’d say there’s really no such thing as an objectively easy life.

That said, I do think there are people out there for whom the vast majority of people would argue have it easy compared to the rest. If someone is just born into wealth, so they never have to struggle with getting an education or making connections or getting experiences or finding the job they want, yeah, all of that is a whole lot easier than the overwhelming number of people have, even in developed countries. And, similarly, I’m sure a middle class lifestyle here in the US is almost unimaginably easy compared to the life of someone in a poverty stricken third-world country.

Another thing to consider, too, is that even a someone mediocre existence in a developed country today is, in many ways, easier than it was for even the most fabulously wealthy a century or more ago. Consider, even a lower middle-class household likely has a car or ready access to transportation, a refrigerator, a dish washer, microwave, a television, air conditioning, internet, cellphones, and access to modern education and healthcare, etc. And I’ve little doubt that, barring some apocalyptic event, that the standard of living in another century might make our lives look comparatively difficult.

Ultimately, though, I think it’s just an exercise in futility. It’s a simple task to find someone who, in many ways, compared to me, or almost any reference person has an easier life. Does that necessarily qualify as easy? Similarly, it’s equally trivial to point to someone whose life is harder. Does that make their life hard or does it make my life easy? Meh… why not just focus on making the best with what we have?

Not everyone faces rejection of jobs/lovers, illness or infirmity that affects their family or themselves. Some people have a very easy life compared to others. Anyone who faces real tragedy, loss, and suffering in life is not going to feel better about their position because you had to grow old and live through your parents dying of old age. To say that your life is not easy because there are some unavoidable misfortunes in life would seem like a lack of empathy and proportion to those who do face great misfortune. I’m not saying that’s what you meant, but that’s what it would sound like to those not so fortunate.

Somewhat related to kanicbird’s post.

I’m part of a local “old family”: never as much money as people tend to think, but a lot of connections and name recognition for good and bad. Many people think we’ll be stuck up assholes just because of the name.

This weekend my mother told me that someone had remarked to her “you know, your children could have every excuse to be pijos, but they’re not. That’s good!”

I replied “:confused: but of course not, neither us nor any of our cousins were raised like that.”

We were taught to be grateful that we could be helpful. That anything in which we are stronger is something in which we can help someone who happens to be weaker. There are multiple political currents who make “bringing everybody down to the same level” one of their objectives: we were taught the opposite, that you do everything you can to bring people up, and that you do it working with them (no “we are doing it for your own sake, my good man!”).

Thinking about it later I realized that while the superficial meaning of pijo is “stuck-up asshole obsessed with appearances”, all those I’ve known were very envious people. They came from all kinds of financial and social backgrounds and from multiple countries, but each of them spent his life competing with the Joneses, the Smiths, the Vanderbilts and the Trumps whether these competed back or not. Any of them spends so much time running peeing contests with himself that he’ll never be happy, no matter what his actual, objective situation is - because as Blaster Master says, there is always someone who is better off in something or other.

I consider my life to be wonderfully easy, and it has been pretty much so throughout. I attribute that two two main factors: The luck of the genetic and environmental circumstances of my birth, and the luck of having gotten away with all the stupid things I’ve done in my life.

Er, um, I’m not understanding why you’d believe, what I wrote, doesn’t hold true for a Buddhist?

Especially since I am, in fact, a Buddhist.

I have, what appears to others, to be an easy life…

However it took a LOT OF HARD WORK to get into the position I am at!

For example I have worked hard to set it up so my living expenses are low and I stay within my budget - I think ahead. Thus I have more disposable income than other people. Others, who get loans requiring them to spend every nickel they get, think I have it easy or am “well off”. Actually they make more money than I do!

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It depends on your perspective.