Is Madison Avenue Air-Brushing Too Many Y-Chromosomes Onto Heidi Klum's Face?

A variant of this Jordache Jeans ad featuring Heidi Klum is plastered everywhere you look in NYC. On the ‘unciteable’ version I’m exposed to countless times per day, the entire (European? landscape) background is removed - leaving just Ms. Klum, her flawless skin, her snug Jordache jeans, the leather gloves and whipping device. A literal masochist’s dream come true.

What I can’t help noticing every time I see those ads is how masculine her face appears. I realize her features are there as the foundation, including some eye make-up and a hint of lipstick, but it’s almost as if the ad agency’s photo lab purposely stretched the length of the face, accentuated the cheekbones and superimposed that image into the shadows of her blond mane. Does anyone else see it - or have I completely lost my mind trying to figure out why a jeans comapny would pay a former super-model a(n assumed) large chunk of change and literally “Gus” her up.

Must…not…make…first joke…
…so hard…

Hey, thanks for holding the door for me, LOUNE.

I’ve got some Y chromosomes I wouldn’t mind airbrushing onto Ms. Klum’s face. leer

If it = a stunningly hot supermodel that I would gnaw off my left arm to have a go at, then yes.

Her face doesn’t look the least bit masculine to me.

Also, I would recognize neither of those pictures as the Heidi Klum whose face I can picture in my mind. Not in a million years would I say that’s her. Maybe I’m mixing her up with someone else. She was the one in that modeling episode of Sex and the City, right? She’s married to Seal? The woman in those pictures looks nothing like the woman I recall.

She looks like an angry man in the advertisement.

And if anyone would know, it would be the guy who has to look the SDMB’s Angriest Man™ in the mirror every morning. :wink:

She has a face?

I think you’re reading too much into the photo. That stark, high-contrast lighting has been typical of Jordache ads for years. Heidi is a tall gal with a tall face, and she has cheekbones that don’t quit. Even if she didn’t have those fabulous bumpy bits, she’d have been a top model. Flip back and forth between your two links, and (if you can keep your wits about you,) I think you’ll find the famous face has not been digitally altered. The difference is in that jeans-ad lighting.

She was indeed on the runway model episode of Sex and the City. She’s also the host of Project Runway, a reality show for fashion designers on Bravo.

She doesn’t look masculine to me either, and I don’t believe she ever has.