F*** YES! I am gonna meet Heidi Klum today!

She is appearing at a mall, so I am going tonite. I will have pictures!

On behalf of my fellow Dopers…


I’m going to Fed-Ex you a cardboard cutout of myself posing for a picture, like the ones of the President you can have your picture taken with. Please include it in some pictures. I’ll pay you.


She signed a picture for me and I got pictures of her and me. They will promptly be scanned and posted on my site.

I apparently live under a rock. And I’m lazy. Whoshe?

Im with RASA on this one and Im a guy! I have a feeling that this Klumm character is someone I should know about?

Heidi Klum is a model. Do a google search and you’ll likely find lots of pictures. Lots. And lots.

A picture is worth…

Oh, dear god, leander, she’s a little perky in that one, isn’t she?! :eek:

She is a Victoria’s Secret model (guess which store I was in today) and she was also on last year’s SI swimsuit issue cover.



Ahem, I don’t know what you’re talking about. It was pure research, I tell you. Nothing more.

And pointing to the heavens is a sign of respect, no?


MMmmm, yes, I saw those two today. The pictures will be developed tomorrow and scanned.

Godammit! That link almost got me fired from work! Why the hell didn’t a mod delete it, close this thread, and melt the servers with acid! You bastards!
[sub]Um, I’m not really complaining, you realize.I’d complain even less if it happened again.[/sub]