Is "Medium" cancelled?

I know there are some people that think this show is silly, but we really like it. Last night they announce the “Medium” finale, I am not sure if they meant series finale or season finale?

Does anyone know if it’s back next year or not?

:slight_smile: My husband literally told me, “You get on your message board and find out, they know everything.”

TV Guide says it’s going to be around, but on CBS:

Yup. The negotiations with NBC stalled over the episode count to be produced for a sixth season, and so NBC cancelled – a rather amazing move, considering the show outperforms a number of NBC shows that did get the nod. A day later, CBS announced they were picking it up and giving it the time slot right after Ghost Whisperer.

Funny, the producers of the show should have seen this coming.

You know it was going to be said.

One article I saw said that NBC was considering buying Ghost Whisperer (if CBS cancelled it) and pairing it with Medium on Friday night, so the same thing ended up happening, just on CBS instead.