Is my account free?

Is my account free? I do not recall paying for the straight dope in years. I was gone for a while at which point I had let my account lapse. I think I don’t even have the account I would have signed up with.

As much as I enjoy the notion that the internet just opens up for me with glitches that just so happen to work in my favor, I shouldn’t be accepting services I did not pay the proper amount for.

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Abort, Retry, Ignore, or Email a Mod?

When? A list of your last 750 posts only goes back to 06-07-2007.

Yes, that’s because its only the last 750 posts! Yours does the same. Although the link says ‘view all posts’ the software is set up so that admins can limit the number of posts seen.

Hence the question ‘When?’
The gap is invisible via the search function.

This thread is better suited for ATMB.

I’ll move it for you.

Cajun Man
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Click on UserCP and then Paid Subscriptions. It will tell you when you last upped and when you are due to expire.

This is odd, you’re right.

Please go resubscribe when you have a chance, let’s get this corrected. Thanks for coming forward.

A look at “Find Threads Started By” shows 9/01

This is my 4,864th post.

The same thing happened with Xploder. I seem to remember the explanation at the time was that during some board glitch the admins had to manually change his user group and that while users in this group were titled “Member” it wasn’t the same “Member” group that the software must now sweep through to check on subscriptions.

Can’t find the thread though.

FWIW, mine was the same way. I reupped anyway, but I could post without doing so.

I believe creatures such as these are known as “Daywalkers”.