Is My Electric Razor Dead?

I have a Norelco Razor about a year old. Worked great. A few days ago it needed to be recharged so I plugged it in to be recharged. It was one of those razors that can’t run on a power cord, you have to recharge it.

I left it overnight to recharge and noticed in the morning I left the razor in the “on” position. So I assumed it didn’t take the recharged.

I turned it to the off position and let it charge. The red light lights up to indicate it is charging. But 12 hours later. Still no charge.

So I uncharged it thinking maybe the battery needed to be discharged, so for 24 hours I left it in the “on” position. Then I tried to recharge it. The manual says, when not used in a month or more it may need 24 hours of charging.

Still nothing.

Any suggesitons what to do? The red light does come on when I plug it in indicating it is (at least according to the light) charging.

Your batteries are probably dead. Shavers and clippers take a lot of juice, and they will eventually destroy rechargeable batteries.
Lots of places will sell you replacement batteries.
If you don’t want to wait, and you’re handy with a soldering gun, you can just buy some regular rechargeables and wire them up to fit your shaver. That’s what I do with my battery powered trimmer.