Is my router broken or what?

My router seems to be breaking down because for the last several days it loses connection very often. Sometimes it’s every few minutes, sometimes it’s okay for a couple hours. Then sometimes it’s down for a long time, sometimes just a minute. Sometimes the Internet light is green like it’s supposed to be, whether or not it’s actually working, and sometimes it’s orange, which means it’s not working.

Sometimes it disappears completely from the computers, and sometimes it says limited access, which I’m not sure what that means. Sometimes it works on the tablet but not the laptops. Sometimes just one laptop but not the other. Sometimes it will say it’s connected, but still not be. WTF?

It’s weird because my modem just broke a few weeks ago and I replaced it, and obviously the router could break right after that by coincidence, but I just wonder if there’s something else going on (they did work fine together for a week or two so I don’t think it’s a compatibility issue). I don’t want to by a new router only to keep having the same problem. I know it’s the router though, because my wifi works great at work, and Internet works here when it’s plugged directly into my modem.

I already reinstalled my wireless adapter drivers, and checked if the router’s firmware needs updating, which it doesn’t, but should I try reinstalling the firmware anyway, or if that was the problem would it just not work at ALL, instead of intermittently?

I’ve googled this a lot and tried a bunch of other random stuff that people said, but most of it was geared at my computer, not the router, and that’s not the problem.

Any ideas? Should I just buy a new router?

I won’t say that I’m an expert on router maintenance and troubleshooting, but I will say that every time I’ve had symptoms similar to yours the only way to solve it was to replace the router.