Is necrophilia illegal? (Subtitle: Ewwww ...)

Is a dead person still considered a human being with rights? If a corpse is still considered a person, he or she obviously can’t give consent to the sex act.

I know there are some laws against desecreting graves. What about someone who hasn’t been interred yet?

What if you belonged to the Confederated Order of Lovers of the Dead (C.O.L.D.), a group of necros with each member giving permission to let their compatriots get busy with them for a few days upon kicking the bucket. Would such a thing be allowable by law?

This article, *Necrophilia in L.A.*, says: “Like most states, California has no law against necrophilia.

I imagine some states do make it illegal.

P.S. To settle the issue, Milossarian, the best way (assuming you live in the USA) would be to start such a society and when the jack-booted thugs of your local police department throw you in the slammer, take your case all the way to the US Supreme Court to get the definitive answer to your OP.

Ah, er, well … As much as it sickens me, I can’t find a thing wrong with necrophilia. Desecrating graves is a crime, as is theft of a corpse. But if your SO keeled over and you were inclined that way … Well, the police couldn’t arrest you. I think California allows people to keep a well-maintained (ie: not rotting) corpse in their house. Just don’t indulge when I’m around.

You first.

I’m curious. I’m not that curious.

“I regret that I have but one life to give to my orgy.”

Isn’t sex supposed to be between consenting adults? How does a corpse give its consent?

Mutilating a corpse is illegal in all fifty states. Dead tissue is easily damaged due to …err friction and stuff. In that sense, I guess unless you were really careful and used a high quality lubricant, you’d be committing a crime.

Anybody see that video “Last Dance with Mary Jane?”

I could have sworn there was some law…“abuse of a corpse” maybe?

Who knows? I find it disgusting.

There was a news item here about a year ago concerning a nursing home employee screwing a corpse. He got what I found to be an astonishingly stiff (don’t you DARE touch that line!) sentence, not that out of line with rape of a living person. On what grounds, I’m not sure. Apart from substantial criminal charges in cases like that, I’m sure the surviving relatives would file a civil suit of incredible proportions anyway.

Remember “licensed necrophiliacs” in Alfred Bester’s “Golem 100”? Terrible book, generally, but the setting was interesting - I think Bester was trying his level best to be as shocking as he possibly could.

Sue, if you know anyone who doesn’t, please keep them away from me.

This isn’t really about Tipper and Al’s sex life, is it?

Some old black woman had heer husband stuffed when he died and kept him in her living room. She said she was happy to have his company. He was shown on TV and didn’t look bad taking into account he was dead for a couple of decades.

Which reminds me of the two old geezers chatting in the park and one says “I think my wife may be dead”. The other one asks “what do you mean?”

Well… the sex is the same but the dishes are piling up in the sink. :slight_smile:


that’s so very bad…more please.

Necrophillia: That Uncontrollable Urge To Crack Open A Cold One

If they aren’t stiff, you aren’t either.

The rule of 8’s covers everything from pedphilia to necrophilia.

“My darling is pallid and cold,
My darling will never grow old;
And when she is rotten,
I will have forgotten;
Another young belle will have tolled.”

—from “The Gentleman’s Alphabet Book” by two guys whose names escape me at the moment.
A limerick about sex for every letter of the alphabet. Just thought I’d toss it in here.

What’s the “rule of 8’s”, anyway?


From 8 to 80 and less than 8 minutes dead.

Something evil is tempting me to ask about “rule of thumb” now…