Is neo angled a Posh way of saying kitty-cornered?

I was watching this reno show and this twit was talking about a neo angled shower stall. Is that a stuck up way of saying kitty-cornered?

I found this at the Word Detective. He doesn’t mention neo angle.

I’ve always thought of catawampus as random or carelessly twisted.

Kitty-corner is precise. You place a chair so it sits evenly in a corner. Or you build a triangle based cabinet to fit in a corner.

I never heard neo angle used until recently on reno shows. Seem pretty stuck up to me. :slight_smile:

How do you describe this?

|> if the line is the back of a chair. Isn’t that katty-cornered? Sorry, but > will have to do for a corner symbol.

Not in my understanding. Kitty corner means diagonally opposite to me. The building on the NE corner of an intersection is kitty corner from a building on the SW corner. Nothing to do with either building built at an angle. This seems what the word detective is saying as well.

I wouldn’t describe your chair as kitty-corner, I’d say it was set in the corner at an angle, or set diagonally in the corner.

Never heard the term neo-angled.

hmm, you have a good point. I have heard kitty-cornered used to describe opposite corners like you described.

Somehow, I thought it was also used for placing objects like a chair or table across a corner. <shrug> My memory isn’t that good on this.

A neo angled shower enclosure refers to a shower with panels that are not at right angles to each other. Usually 3 panels, the panels can be set at various degree angles depending upon the width of the panels and placement of the door. Showers of this type are commonly placed in the corner due to the possible need to re-enforce the area where the panels connect to the wall.

This is what they look like, but can be customized to fit almost any area:

What’s a reno show?

A reno show features home renovations. The original, grand-daddy was This Old House. It started back in the 1970’s and is still on PBS. HGTV and the DIY network feature a lot of reno programming. i thought the term was commonly used, but I see a Google search doesn’t find many hits. I picked up the term on boards like twop and hgtv.