Is Oglaf down?

Well, not down exactly; but very slow. I was getting ‘server not responding’ errors yesterday. Right now it’s acting like it’s on a dial-up that has about a million users trying to access at the same time.

Same here this morning. I’m just getting timeouts, no pages. I got the “are you 18” entrance to partially load once.

There’s a new comic up and it’s three pages. So must be a lot of bandwidth getting used up.

Its actually 4 pages (3 pages comic and an epilogue) - took me the whole afternoon to read it all.

It’s back up. Where the hell is the Apprentice at the end of part 3? In Dwarf-land (home of the exploding heads, last we looked) ?

Those can’t be dwarves. They never said the word ‘fuck’ once.

Whatever happens, I am glad to get an answer to the question, “do these folks have horns growing out of their heads, or are those part of some weird hat?”

Didn’t even notice the epilogue link!

I love Oglaf.

When I clicked the epilogue link all I got was a sentence on a page. Was there a picture to go along with it?

I didn’t understand the new cartoon at all. Somehow the guy gets absorbed into the woman? Weird and not particularly funny. I hope the follow up clarify s whats going on. Is this guy a bird now?

The horn-hatted guys hired a shapechanger (remember them?) to absorb the apprentice and bring him to them.

Apparently for no reason but to mess with him.

Which is pretty much the story of Apprentice’s life. At least the cumsprites haven’t tattled on him. (Yet.)

Ah, I see now. I didn’t make the shape shifter connection before. Thanks! :smiley:

Poor Ivan just can’t catch a break.

I don’t think that he’s had an orgasm yet, and I think that the cumsprites can only tattle about what he was doing when he ejaculated the particular cumsprite.

Ivan IS learning awesome lessons in self control, which will come in handy if he survives his apprenticeship to become either a diplomat or a wizard or both.

I thought the first apprentice had already died because of the firewand incident, and they got a new one?

No, that was a flashback to how the guy we’ve been following from the start ended up there - take a look at the apprentices’ faces in that strip - the second guy’s the longer-faced, sideburny guy we’re introduced to in the first strip…the guy who died from the firewand was round faced and clean shaven (if a bit shaggy, otherwise). (It’s also called ‘Some Time Ago’, but you need to go to the archives to know that.)

I am a bit surprised he survived the rowboat incident, though.

Good point on the cumsprites.

Apparently I am not only terrible at recognizing real life faces, but cartoon faces as well. :smack:

I was also surprised that he survived the rowboat incident. He was floating around facedown in the water so I assumed he was dead.

Why do you think he has all those jars in his room?

I know why he has all those jars with the accusing eyes.