Sluggy Freelance-Spoiler

So how did Zombie-Head-On-A-Stick end up working at the Post Office?

Hm. What’s this about?

It’s a web comic, so probably belongs in Cafe Society.

OK, then. On the imitable advice of Miz Ferret Herder, off to The Society with ye.

Torg put her there to wait out Operation Safehouse.

Ya no, yesterday’s comiccame with a whole slew of relevant reference links.

I’m just saying.

Actually, that is when my confusion began. :slight_smile:

Ya’ know?

Thanks, Maus McGill.

Hmmm…a bit of a hijack, but how’s the quality over there these days?

SF was far, far, far and away my favorite webcomic for many years, but things were starting to droop after awhile. By the time the third Torg Potter came around I said “Fuck no…the first two were so bad, I’m just going to wait until this storyline is over”, but I found that I didn’t miss reading it so I never went back.

So is it worth getting back into it?

If you didn’t like Torg Potter, probably not.